Thursday, December 26, 2013

An Odd Declaration of War

Change the political paradigm.
What a strange year 2013 has been. Conservatives learned that in the world of the new Liberal -- led by Barack Hussein Obama -- we are the true enemies of America, while the cretins who killed four of our fellow patriots in Benghazi were deserving of not only a cover story, but an attempt at excusing their actions as the result of a bogus video which enraged them. Perhaps this might explain why Obama left those men to die while he slept.

Don't think of this as anything we can or should do something about, because it is the way Liberals have always felt about us, and Conservatives have to learn to accept that truth as the new reality. I begin that epiphany with the belief that today's Liberals have revealed their true selves and intentions out of a false sense of hubris that makes them feel invincible.

After the attacks on Benghazi, the President and all his MSNBC minions were desperately trying to blame the American who made a video that was purported to "insult Islam" and that the attack was a spontaneous reaction to said video. It wasn't until a few days later that we realized that many of the attackers had never even heard of the video, much less seen it. Regardless, the administration locked up the author of the video on "unrelated" charges. How convenient.

Then came the dreaded government shutdown and all the shenanigans that accompanied it, and the same people making excuses for radical Muslims were busy calling Congressional Republicans names such as "terrorists", "arsonists" and "murderers". References were made to Republicans "strapping bombs to their chests". So what happened to Obama's promise in 2008 of a new dialogue in Washington? Perhaps the victory went to their heads, but the tone is worse than it has ever been.

And there were the moments when the administration tried to shut World War II veterans out of their own memorial and then subsequently hosted a rally for illegal aliens in another "closed" section of federal park land. We've got schools installing footbaths to accommodate Muslim students while tearing down Christmas cards in a Georgia school. And just the other day, we learned of the U.S. Army sending an "equal opportunity officer" to Mississippi's Camp Shelby to tell soldiers not to say the word Christmas. How is than an "equal opportunity"?

So let's boil all of this down to make it super clear to all. To the left in America today, if you love America and her traditions and culture, and wish to preserve those ideals that got us through 237 years, you're a vile, hateful, bigoted terrorist. If you actually strap a bomb on yourself or a school bus and blow it up, you just "may have a legitimate gripe".

So why do I write this, then, if I earlier stated that we have to learn to accept that truth as the new reality? Well, what I meant was, we're never going to change the minds of the Liberals. They have come too far and have gone 'round the bend, so our only option at this point is to defeat them. Once in America people who openly embraced the likes of Mao Tse Tung and Che Guevarra were cast out as lepers. Today, those people run the country and we will never convince them to change, so if it's war they want, let's give them one.

We can't do that by following the example of a wimpy John McCain, who during the 2008 campaign actually disavowed those who dared to speak ill of then candidate Obama. You should have encouraged them, John, especially in retrospect. We have to use the words Obama himself once uttered; "If they bring a knife, we bring a gun". We can't defeat these people with guns that shoot daisies.

So as we enter 2014, we have to develop a new plan, one that uses the philosophy of Reagan, one of no pale pastels, but one of bold colored differences, to paraphrase. Will you stand with Ted Cruz? Will you rally behind Mike Lee? Will you elect more like them in 10 months? These are the things we need to do, not to be intimidated into silence by those who no longer share the values of America. And we cannot be timid in our language, because the left in America simply do not share American values, and that point must be hammered out over and over.
Guys like this have been
around too long.

If our slumbering compatriots can rise up in 2014, we can defeat the left and take our country back. But we must also eradicate the people in government who have sold us out time and again, they being Republicans in name only. We must vote them out of their comfy chairs and send them into retirement, where they will continue to live off of the toil of the American people, but will no longer be able to harm us further.

As a precaution, I must issue a special NSA disclaimer, because I know ya'll are watching, and I don't want to end up in a dissident's gulag. I am not advocating for the use of guns or any other form of weaponry, but rather rhetoric alone. I am not calling for insurrection, but a change in direction.

We can take our country back peacefully, people, if we work hard enough.

In 2014, make it so.

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