Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hope and Change, American Style

An encouraging sign in discouraging
Did you feel that? Did you feel the tremors underfoot a few days ago? Have you felt the Earth rumbling since the disastrous rollout of, or whatever? Tonight, there will be one last shock wave that the whole country will feel, and it will start the tsunami waves rolling toward 2014. And the result will make 2010 look like a tea party (pun definitely intended) by comparison.

We know what the Democrats are all about. We've known it all along, so the anger in America will be directed at them in an expected way, a sort of given. I'm talking about the so-called "establishment Republicans" who tonight will vote in the House to betray us once more, all the while trying to assuage our angst while simultaneously attacking our true heroes.

Tonight, the House will vote on the new budget sellout, and try to sell us on the merits of it, because we all know how that vote will go.

In 2009, the American people were awakened to the horrors of what the Democrats intended to inflict on us, and after the passage -- albeit corrupt beyond words -- of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a projectile-beverage inducing name if ever there was one), we showed the political class in Washington our collective rage in the 2010 elections. In the  years since then, the TEA Party went underground, seeming to dissipate into the ether from whence they materialized, prompting the Washington elites to declare the movement both dead and a flash in the pan.

We have allowed the beneficiaries of our electoral prowess to perform the duties for which we sent them, and many have performed admirably. Yet, with our seeming absence, the "establishment" types have resorted to their old ways, feeling safe in the halls of Congress to bully our people. To our people, I say: We have not forsaken you, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul. We are right here, ready to finish what we started in 2010.

To the bullies, who called our Senators and Representatives "wacko birds", among other terms, I say you folks might want to start thinking about retirement, because your days are numbered. And to future candidates thinking about running on the peoples' ticket, I suggest you think about campaign strategies starting now, because we plan to clean out the cesspool in just under a year. Make yourselves known to the electorate now, because we are coming for some heads on Capitol Hill, and there will be plenty of room for "our guys" to settle in.

Folks like John McCain, Lindsay Graham and John Boehner have taken us for granted one last time, and we are done taking it any longer.

And finally, to my fellow TEA Party patriots...get the word out and let's VOTE this time. No more waiting for the other guy to vote, no more defeatist attitudes...let's do this. Or, as Todd Beamer would say, "Let's roll".

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