Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When Will We Get Angry Enough?

Yet the people who defend us must pay?
That is a broad question, to be certain, for first we must ascertain who the "we" is. I maintain that "we" pertains to a wide yet mostly obscure segment of American society. A segment that once was commonplace in the late 18th century, and has since allowed itself to be relegated to near anonymity, a status for which we have no one to blame but ourselves.

We have surrendered our children to the Department of Education, a federal behemoth which has been ever increasingly encroaching on our rights as parents, the Common Core fiasco being the latest salvo in that particular war. We have slumbered as our government has amassed powers far beyond those envisioned by our Founding Fathers, and now we raised our dreary heads and stare in puzzled amazement at the America we have long taken for granted, wiping our sleepy eyes in wonder at what has transpired in our somnambulance. 

Sure, there are patriots all over the place now, furious at the machinations of the Federal Government, but have we slept too long?

Ours has been the finest and most feared military machine for more than a century, and not long ago there was not a country on the planet that dared provoke us. The Soviet Union growled and snarled back in the day, but even they would not dare cross the line of action. After the September 11th attacks, a whole new generation mobilized to go and get those responsible for that terrible day, nearly mirroring the acts of the Greatest Generation in their zeal.

So how do we repay these brave young men and women, aside from some heart warming applause from the travelers in an airport?

We -- as a country -- give them the Ryan-Murray budget bill, a sellout of the very people who have been fierce protectors of America and her values, and an extra mud pie in the faces of the American taxpayer. The people we elect to represent us in government are, despite our objections, us. We can try as we might to distance ourselves from their insane bargaining and proclamations, but in the end, they are us, much to our chagrin. Explain that to the disabled kid home from Iraq or Afghanistan.

The Ryan-Murray budget bill cuts military benefits for veterans of war, both healthy and disabled, but it doesn't touch welfare for illegal aliens. (Yes, I call them "illegal aliens", not undocumented workers). So the Democrats in Congress decided that a potential voting base of aliens was more important than the people who defend this nation.

The post title was described by me as a broad question, and that is true, but there is an even more important question lurking here. When we are angry enough, what will we do?

Think on that one for a while, folks.

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