Thursday, March 20, 2008

Buying Sinner's Offsets

Buying Sinner’s Offsets
Is it possible? Can we actually trick God into believing in the purity of our souls by throwing some coin at the collection plate? Is there any rational person among you who would fall for this codswallop, and if so, would you feel that you could sleep soundly at night with the soothing comfort that you had done all that you could do, simply because your check was larger than that of the nearest person in your pew?

The bigger question is: do any of you believe that you can sway God’s judgement at all, be it by conscious thought or by deliberate deed? Or more to the point, by financial counterbalance…

My bible says no.

So does the “bible” of science, and yet we have multitudes of the “pure” preaching to the masses (that would be you and I) about how we should live and how we should consume resources bestowed upon us by the Creator. These minions have decreed that by the very nature of their message that they have immunity from the laws they seek to impose upon the rest of us, that being energy conservation, although this law has evolved to include the light bulbs we use to even the amount of toilet paper with which we wipe our bums.

Is Cheryl Crow really using one little, thin square? Ridiculous, unless she has the best fibre diet available to mortals. At the risk of sinking to locker room vernacular…well, never mind. There are times when the jury can be swayed by what they don’t hear.

Back to the original point here. “Gorites” have opened an entire new phase of human behavior, that being that any excess you wish to indulge in is easily offset by simply purchasing impunity.

I find it utterly amazing that the very people who protest loudest about capitalism are the people who have the most money. Multiply that amazement 10 fold and you will only begin to understand my confundity at those who consume the most fuel and still rail shrilly at the rest of us for struggling to fill our tanks. Then again, we poor folk should just throw in the towel and bike to work, even if it is a mere 52 miles round trip. Hey, we can make great strides towards eliminating obesity!

The bottom line here is, if someone has a thirst for blood, should he be within the rights of society to donate money to a family and then have the clear conscience and blessing of the courts to kill their only child? It’s pretty much the same principle with “carbon offsets". If you’re paying for them then you must be acknowledging that your habits are bad.

For the record, I don’t buy offsets. I just drive.

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