Monday, March 31, 2008

How Long Untouchable?

Presidential children have historically been off limits to any form of criticism. That is, at least until George W. Bush's family took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The media was somewhat subdued in their coverage of the Bush twins, but not exactly following of protocol.

One thing the Clintons were emphatic about (and "Clintons" includes the main stream media, one big, happy "family") was the absolute protection of Chelsea. I never had a problem with that formula, as I believe that the kids should remain off-base. But what about after the kids become adults?

Again, I think they are entitled to their dignity and privacy despite the fame (or notoriety, as the case may be) bestowed upon them by virtue of being a "first child". But when they utilize the recognition that would have been otherwise nonexistant but for their own doing, I equate that with an open-door policy. They have invited us in for a tour of their souls, so hands-off no longer applies.

However poorly the Clintons may or may not have performed as parents, they have done a magnificent job at one thing; raising an only child who is just as radically opposed to her country as her Mom and Dad. They must be so proud. This is evident in the recent acceleration of her involvement in her mother's campaign. Now the question is, if Chelsea is going to actively work on her mother's election campaign, as an adult, should she remain a protected species?

My conclusion is no, for if Chelsea is permitted to say whatever she wants unfettered on behalf of Hillary, it will be akin to a mother using her child as a shield, and I for one want no part of a President that would engage in any such practice. One thing that has emerged quite clearly as a result of Chelsea's recent stumping is a palpable desperation on the part of the Clinton campaign.

Yet another trait in a President that is undesirable; putrid cowardice, coupled with virtually no sense of shame.

It rather reminds one of Dr. Zachary Smith from the '60's television show Lost In Space. It's also a title that quite adequately describes not only the trajectory of Hillary's campaign, but also the platform of the entire Democratic Party.


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