Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Kingdom Of Heaven

I will never watch another film that includes Orlando Bloom...

I was at my computer and there was a movie on called The Kingdom Of Heaven, starring Orlando Bloom. Now, I know that Bloom is a liberal-leaning Brit, but I have loved his body of work thus far despite his ideology. I was only disinterested in this film because it seemed to be yet another of the medieval genre and for the time being at least, I have had my fill, so it was nothing more than background noise...until I heard that the conflict being portrayed on my screen was that of the Crusades. Then I was interested, particularly because I wanted to see how a movie with Orlando Bloom in it would deal with such a sensitive subject.

I left my keyboard for the comfort of my easy chair in order to devote my full attention to the saga being played out before me. Enthralled, I watched as Bloom's character fought valiantly to defend Jerusalem against the invading muslim hordes and vowed to prevail with his last breath, all the while beseeching his army to follow obediently. The odds were overwhelming and alas, Bloom's army was defeated.

What to do? After all the bravado offered up in the heat of battle, Bloom's character surrendered to the muslim commander with the promise of safe passage out for "every man, woman and child". He surrendered Jerusalem and was subsequently applauded by his troops! Then all left on horseback and on foot without injury.

The very end of the film sees Bloom's character living "peacefully" in the mountains, and is one day approached by King Richard and an accompanying horseman. They are seeking the commander who let Jerusalem fall, but Bloom's character lies and tells them that he's the blacksmith, and they ride off to continue the Crusade, leaving Bloom to enjoy his "gift" from the benevolent muslim victors. The screen fades to black and just before the credits roll there is the obligatory "here's what happened after" caveat, implying that King Richard continued the "slaughter of muslims" without the brave commander-turned-peacenik.

The entire premise of the film, while well produced and very entertaining, is that if we had only capitulated to the demands of the Moors, then the world would be a better place, and the only radicals left would be the King Richard's of the world, refusing to accept "peace".

While we American's eventually tired of the tyranny of English royalty and formed our own country independent of said monarchy, I to this day thank God for King Richard. And I pray that there will be many more like him to prevent the dhimmitization of the planet.

The story depicted a fierce conflict between ideologies whose capabilities were somewhat equal. Today, we have the overwhelming advantage and could crush our enemies instantly if we had the fortitude to do so. I do not suggest that we do so, but I sincerely believe that we have done all that we can do to demonstrate our reluctance. All it has bourne is a perception of weakness by our enemies.

The Kingdom Of Heaven had the formula right, it simply arrived at the wrong conclusion. We could either convince radical islam through an effortless demonstration that further antagonization would be detrimental and thereby make them accept our loving embrace, or we could force their hand once and for all and expose them for the hateful bastards that they are before they die.

Sadly, we will avoid the catastrophic event and linger in a slow-bleed war of attrition for the sake of appearance alone. WWII sent a message to the world that too many deaths all at once is too much for the mind to bear. It is human frailty that perpetuates death and destruction at a snail's pace because it is more easily digestible. Sleep matters to most.

Unless radical islam understands that we are prepared for insomnia, they will continue unabated in their quest for our subjugation.


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