Saturday, March 1, 2008

"Evil" Israelis Kill Again

Do a Google search for...oh, just click the link. A simple Google news search for anything on Hamas launching a wave of rocket attacks yields such headlines as this:

Death Toll Rises in Gaza after More Israeli Attacks
Israel Kills 20 Palestinians in Gaza
At least 14 Palestinians killed after strikes by Israeli aircraft ...

Sure, the articles mention (somewhere in the 4th or 5th paragraph) that the strikes were in response to Hamas rocket attacks, but why weren't those rocket attacks news before Israel's response?

Here's one of my favorites:

Israel has stepped up its response to a wave of rocket attacks launched
from Hamas-controlled Gaza across into southern Israel. One of the attacks
killed an Israeli civilian Wednesday. Israeli officials have threatened a major
ground invasion if the attacks do not cease.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians rallied in Gaza Friday to denounce
Israel's deadly air strikes.

Maybe they should have been protesting the Hamas rocket attacks from civilian neighborhoods before Israel got pissed off.

Here's another one:

JERUSALEM - Fourteen Palestinians, including at least five civilians, died late
Friday and early Saturday in escalating Israeli-Palestinian fighting that
renewed threats of an Israeli invasion of Gaza and clouded peace efforts. A baby
and two teenagers were among the dead. (First paragraph)

Hamas said the baby, Malak Karfaneh, died just before midnight Friday in an Israeli strike on Beit Hanoun, a northern town where Palestinian militants often launch rockets at Israel. But local residents said one of those rockets fell short and landed in
the area of the baby’s house.
(Fourth paragraph)

Why aren't they protesting HAMAS killing the baby???

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