Saturday, March 15, 2008

Change - Obama Style

Contributed by my friend, SleeplessByTheSea
Change - Obama Style
Does America Really Want Change?

We’ve all heard the chants. We’ve all heard the battle cry from the campaign trail…change, change, and more change. Is that What America wants? Then I would have to assume that they want a change for the better.

Those that Have been falling into line behind Barak Obama are in the wrong line. That line is going backwards. Forty plus years backwards. We’ve by now all heard the outrageous sermons by Obama’s Preacher. We’ve heard him damning America. We’ve heard him try to stir hate over slavery that took place here, and ended over 143 years ago. It’s those that want to hold on to that hatred that need to change! We know now that Obama attended that church, and considered himself an active member there for the last 18 plus years. He was married in that church. His children were baptized in that church. The Obama’s took their children to those sermons. Yet, it wasn’t until yesterday, Friday March 14, 2008, that Barak Obama came to realize what was being preached there? Give me a break! Just exactly how stupid does Barak think we are. Obviously he does not give us much credit. His denouncing of a man he embraced as his friend and minister for 18 plus years, only after the media spreads around his agenda, leaves no doubt that Barak’s unnamed plans for change were not for the betterment of this nation. On the contrary.

This nation has come so far, healing from our past treatment of black people. They have the same opportunities as any other race in this country. You don’t have to look far, to see just how many of them have risen to the top. Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Michael Steel are only a few in the political scene. There are many more in the entertainment world, such as Bill Cosby, Denzel Washington, the list is long. In our own communities we have many people of color that have taken advantage of what this country has to offer, and have made the best of it. Sure there are still people with very little…but they are not all black. They never were all black. We’ve always had poor white people, too. We always will. There will always be an element, that cannot quite pull themselves out of their poverty. That doesn’t make the country bad. This Country fought a Civil War to end this kind of mindset. Let's not discount all of those that gave their lives for that cause.

Poverty isn’t racist. And neither is the American dream. The worst thing in the world for people that are struggling, is to give them an excuse. They need to be inspired to do better… get and education….to help themselves, and to accept a helping hand, without a chip on their shoulder. The need to believe in themselves, not hear that they are being mistreated. Those that embrace the mindset of racism and division, do far more harm to their own race, than any person from another race could ever do.

Barak Obama could do more for the black people that were encouraged by the rants of Rev. Wright of hate and division, if he would encourage them to pursue their dreams with hard work, and determination, than he will ever do, by continuing to let them believe they are being stymied by their government. But, I’ve never heard that out of Obama, have you? No, on the contrary. We’ve even heard his wife claim, that she was never before proud of her country, until they embrace Barak for change. Yet, she was afforded a wonderful education, in some of the nicest schools in the land. She has not had a bad life in this country. She doesn’t look like she’s hungry or cold. If she, or others that feel so badly about this country, why haven’t they looked for a better life somewhere else. The last I looked, our borders were still wide open, to come and go.

Barak Obama has left too many questions in too many minds. His chants of change, and yet no detail. That alerted many suspicions. No one was quite sure what his agenda was. Was it his muslim ties? Was it his church, that honored Farrakhan. It clearly has never been revealed to date. Yet his followers seem clueless to his empty messages.

If Hillary Clinton or John McCain were campaigning with such an empty message, they’d be out of the race over night. Why was it Obama was getting such a free pass, until the media brought out this church into the light?

How many of you want to back-track to the racism before the 60’s? How many of you really believe that white people are superior to blacks? I do not. I never have. I believe we are all God’s children, and that we are all blessed to be here….where the only superior colors are red, white and blue…..not a skin color.

Shame on Wright, and those like him, that do their best to take advantage of a church pulpit to incite hate.

Shame on Obama, for bringing it into our presidential race. If he really wanted to make a change for the better here, now, after this, he would step down, and vow to fight this kind of mindset, and sell the opportunies of this nation. But, he won’t. He’s not man enough. Black, or White. And he's certainly not presidential.

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