Monday, March 24, 2008

Eddie Haskell For President

I have written much on the socialistic proclivities of my junior senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton, much of which has been either ignored or worse yet, scoffed at, yet I remain undeterred in my efforts to prevent her from ever again occupying the White House. (Never mind that my efforts to prevent her from attaining her current credentials bore no fruit, either.) If the main stream media won't do their jobs objectively I will gladly offer my bias as a counter to theirs, no matter how vociferously they will deny its existence.

Hillary and her team have been truly oustanding in their ability to spin damaging news and deflect revelations that would certainly sink the average politician. One must begin to wonder, however, if the attributes are due to their savvy skill or to our collective desire to not see what is obvious. A masterful and charismatic liar (see Eddie Haskell from the old Leave It To Beaver Show) has the unnerving ability to beat a polygraph machine solely because they can also look you straight in the eye and successfully deny that which you have just caught them doing, red-handed. The friendly- minded psyche readily dismisses that which seems ludicrous. Kudos to the Clintons; they have benefitted from this practice to great success.

But now we have the age of instant video intruding on this tried-and-true savior of the un-pure. They make headlines by benefit of video and then must besmirch that which gave them some form of credibility earlier. Case in point:

The latest news is the foreign policy experience factor that Madam Clinton touts as qualifying her for the role as American President. Her part in the Irish Peace process being debunked is a side-note, something that she has become quite adept at brushing aside with ease, thanks to a friendly media. Now she is claiming that while visiting Bosnia, as First Lady, she was surprised that her "warm greeting" turned into a mad dash to escape sniper fire. Sinbad, the comedian who accompanied Hillary on that trip, remembers no such thing. Problem? Not for Team Clinton. This is a simple matter of discrediting a black comedian.

Oh...wait. There is video. Yeah...the video shows a smiling Hillary being greeted by a local entourage that included an eight-year-old Bosnian girl. No one was ducking from gunshots, as the esteemed Senator claimed.

Then there was the claim by the very new Senator Clinton that her daughter, Chelsea, was almost a victim of the Twin Tower collapses on 9/11. Hillary was out there getting publicity on the local networks because, as she claimed at the time, her daughter was "this close" to being one of the victims of al-Qaida on 9/11. That was also a lie.

Say what you will about words, as Obama has been drumming...I believe that they DO have not only meaning, but consequences. How far Hillary's campaign can go based on false words remains to be seen. How much the public is willing to swallow also is something I will be watching closely. Be careful nonetheless. There will be many in the coming months who will be sprinkling the most delicious condiments on those words to make them more palatable.

Think before you swallow. That is my best advice.

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