Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hillary: In The Dark Again

I am constantly amazed that someone once described as "the smartest woman in America" is not only very easily duped, but has been so many times. It's an endless parade of one trick after another being "pulled" on this hapless woman. Couple that with her extremely faulty memory and what's truly frightening is, she wants to run the country.

Whenever it's politically expedient for her faculties to fail, she doesn't see the danger in freely allowing them to do so. She basically admits that she's not all there or not involved in things that she damned well should be. For a smart woman, she sure is dumb for not seeing this. And yet, she's sometimes too smart for her own good.

For example, when the stories started swirling around Barack Obama's cozy relationship with Bill Ayers, a former fugitive from justice for his participation in the dealings of the Weather Underground, Hillary saw an opportunity to take her adversary down a peg. So smart was she that she recognized that she could use the growing controversy to her advantage. But...she wasn't smart enough to remember that she was also a part of history where this group was concerned. Or, she never knew it. Yeah.

So when it came out that her husband, Bill Clinton, commuted the sentences of two former members of the Weather Underground and it looked like it would be a serious hit to her own campaign, she once again feigned innocence. But according to a New York newspaper, she could not have possibly been unaware of the commutations. From Newsday:

On October 19, 2000, as Hillary was hunting for Senate votes throughout New York, Rockland County's biggest paper, the Journal News, ran a front page story reporting that imprisoned radical Susan Rosenberg -- linked to the 1981 Weather Underground Brinks robbery that left two Nyack cops dead -- was seeking clemency from Bill Clinton.

The next day, the widows and fellow state and local police attended a memorial service for the two dead cops at the site of the killings. Also in attendance: Sen. Chuck Schumer, who in that fall was frequently campaigning with Hillary. According to another front page story, on Oct. 21, he made a pledge to the widows to fight the clemency: "I intend to take our opposition as high as I can in government."

On December 16, 2000, after Hillary became New York's Senator-elect, the paper did another Page 1 story about an upcoming 60 Minutes episode on Rosenberg's clemency application. It included a quote from one of her new constituents, Diane O'Grady, wife of one of the dead cops: "This is a woman who has taken lives."

On December 17, 2000, the "60 Minutes" piece on Rosenberg's case and clemency request ran.

So, Clinton -- in her effort to avoid being connected in any way to the case -- now says she knew nothing about it.

What this says is that this woman who would become leader of the free world is either a pathalogical liar, delusional, or a complete tool who has been kept in the dark about almost every important event in her political and professional life. Personally, I opt for number one. In any event, I don't think she should ever set foot in the Oval Office.


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