Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rescind Carter's Nobel Prize

Perhaps the only positive spin one could put on the ill-advised "peace" junket that Jimmy Carter is currently engaged in with Hamas and Syria is that it demonstrates the futility of discussions with certain groups. Carter should realize by now that Hamas doesn't care one bit what he has to say or offer, and that they don't care what Israel has to offer, except for the death and destrucion of every Israeli. This is not a viable option for the Israelis.

Even as Carter is embarrassing his nation by giving credibility to violent and hateful groups, in the misguided hope of achieving peace, his hosts have launched yet another attack on Israel. Hamas blew up two jeeps full of explosives at a Gaza crossing.

Carter should also remember the Armistice Agreements Of 1949 and all the good they did Israel. It wasn't peace the Arabs wanted then, it wasn't peace the Arabs wanted after they lost the 6-Day-War, and it's not peace they want now. The lead up to the 6-Day-War saw Israel doing everything it could to negotiate peace with her Arab neighbors, but the pleas fell on deaf ears. The Arabs were too busy listening to the mis-information campaign being waged by the Soviets, and too busy provoking Israel into war.

(AP Photo / Yehuda Lahiani)

Carter is wasting his time. People who viewed the very creation of an Israeli State as "al-Nakba" (the catastrophe) cannot be counted upon to negotiate in good faith. This trip by a former (and failed) president should show the world that which they refuse to see. Hamas will never rest until Israel is a faded memory. Hopefully Jimmy Carter will be one long before that day. And hopefully, if it comes down to it, Israel will enjoy the same success it did in the 6-day-war.


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