Saturday, April 12, 2008

Land Of The Free?

We may still be the home of the brave, but the land of the free part is slowly slipping away. It's happening so slowly, as a matter of fact, that it's barely perceptible. Like grass grows, it is not noticeable until the weekend, when it needs to be mowed.

Our politicians have become much more than drunk with power, they are positively inebriated. We've no one to blame but ourselves, of course, for it is we who have been serving up the beverages in the form of fairness and feel-good demands. Who could have envisioned an America in which the Government would wield the power over private businesses to the extent that it does already?

We now have a politician daring to speak of limiting how much someone can be paid. Barack Obama wants the Government to pass legislation that, in effect, would put a cap on how much a corporate CEO can be paid. In the not so distant past, this would have seemed unimaginable, nay, unthinkable! Now, however, thanks to the fabulous job our politicians have done in dividing and conquering the masses through class warfare, we will have some people applauding like seals over this idea.

We often hear of such things from Venezuela, e.g., and think to ourselves, "Thank God we're in America". But if people would receive the message as it should be delivered by a "non-partisan" press, they would be more inclined to oppose it. So here, I will present the message in its true form.

federal government seeks to seize corporations."

There, that looks more like it. Of course the fertilizer, that is perhaps as much as half of the population, will make the grass grow by not seeing the obvious and will denounce the message as ludicrous. And come the weekend, we'll be dragging the mower out of the shed.


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