Monday, April 14, 2008

Teach The Children Well

Sometimes, while digging for treasure, one finds something that was never sought, something not wanted, and certainly something that would have been best left buried if not for the magnitude of the discovery.

Talk radio shows have been atwitter over the Barack Obama-Bill Ayers connection for weeks now, a story that has been largely ignored by Big Media. I decided to find out for myself what the hubbub was about, but I found a much more disturbing story in the process. While we have a Presidential candidate rubbing elbows with an admitted felon and domestic terrorist, the odds of said candidate occupying the oval office are slim, and with the revelations springing forth daily, those odds get slimmer. Still cause for concern to be sure, but not something I consider a grave risk.

What I did find out goes much deeper into the mindset of modern America and our sensibilities regarding right and wrong. People who are already leftists need not read further, for you will only be heartened. People who fret over the education that their children receive in Universities should pay all heed.

There was once a time in our nation when decent people would recoil in horror in learning that their children were not only in the same room with a criminal, but that the criminal was their teacher. Many of us are already highly disgusted with the liberal indoctrination pervasive in our universities, but how many of us knew the extent of the damage? How could we even imagine that former sworn enemies of the U.S. Government, people who openly declared war against their country, would one day hold tenured positions of prestige in our colleges?

Bill Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground, a group of Vietnam Anti-War Protestors who bombed the Pentagon and attempted to blow up the Capitol Building in the late 60's, early 70's. He's also an apparent pal of Barack Obama's. But this website, which contains a very interesting video, shows just what Ayers was doing as a young man. Unfortunately, it's about much more than this one man and his current relationship with Obama.The people associated with Ayers, killers and traitors all, are now "educating" our young adults. A sampling:

Bernardine Dohrn - Part of the leadership of the Weather Underground,
Dohrn was considered the organization’s figurehead. She spent the 1970s
living underground and was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. Today, Dohrn is
an associate professor and director at Northwestern University's Children
and Justice Center.

Mark Rudd - Rudd was best known for his role in the 1968 Columbia protests.
As part of the Weather Underground's leadership, he lived underground for several
years during the 1970s. He now teaches at a junior college in New Mexico.

Bill Ayers - A central figure in theWeathermen, Ayers lived underground
for ten years, an experience he wrote about in his memoir, Fugitive Days.
Now married to Dohrn, Ayers is currently a school reform activist and a professor
of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Click on the link at "A sampling" and read the rest. It is absolutely frightening that these people have been accredited as teachers and professors. People who, by their own admissions, declared war on their own government and vowed to destroy the America we know today. Teaching legions of young adults, like our kids, whatever it is that they believe today.

It is...astounding.


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