Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Newt (Inadvertently) Gets It "Wright"

The big news of the day is the sudden attacks, if you will, by Jeremiah Wright on Barack Obama and the retaliatory remarks by the candidate flung back at the Reverend. The news wires, the blogosphere, the talk shows are all having a field day with this. I must admit, it is quite enticing to have something of this magnitude rocking the democrats' primary race. But there is much more to this story than a mere spat between pastor and parishioner.

The buzz and the speculation stemming from Wright's interview with PBS' Bill Moyers, as well as his speech before the NAACP, is about his possibly feeling "shunned" by Obama and has therefore been lashing out at him for that reason. I had other ideas but was not quite sure how to broach the subject in a sufficiently sensitive manner until my thoughts were validated this morning.

Considering Reverend Wright's thoughts and his affinity for Louis Farrakhan, I began to think yesterday that perhaps Wright was cut from the same cloth as our so-called "Black Leaders" and as such, had the same risk-of-loss factor as the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. There is a specific reason that he would so blatantly jeopardize the chances of America electing her first Black President. It would weaken their mantra that America is still inherently racist.

Newt Gingrich was on Good Morning America this morning. Later he was on The View (something I thought incredibly novel until I heard that Hillary was to appear on The O'Reilly Factor on Wednesday, but that's for another day), and it was actually Barbara Walters who set the question up. Part of the transcripts from Newsbusters:

WALTERS: Why would he try to hurt if, if he’s trying to- just to get back to that, if he is trying to, to have more rights for black people, why would he deliberately harm the first candidate for a black presidency? Why does he matter?

GINGRICH: A good friend of mine, Vivian Berry Hill, is the spouse of an African-American minister in Mississippi and has organized a nationwide organization of spouses of ministers in the African-American community. She sent me an e-mail this morning and she said, you know- after the show she had watched us on "Good Morning America." She said, "you know, if you look at Reverend Wright’s hostility to people becoming middle class and the sense that they were selling out the African-American community," she said "it’s almost as though Senator Obama became more acceptable to white America." He suddenly began to peel away from being acceptable to Reverend Wright’s version of America. And the Reverend Wright’s investment is in a very, very deeply afro-centric model. And he said this a lot if you look at some of his sermons. I mean, he legitimately believes if you become a Bill Cosby, if you become somebody who’s successful in mainstream America, you have deserted the community.

There it is in a nutshell. Reverend Wright and his ilk have decided that if Obama is elected president of this country, it will remove some of the ammunition used in the "struggle" and vindicate every black person who has dared to leave the reservation, as it were, to pursue the American Dream, and to join the community of America and throw off the stigma, once and for all, of victimhood.

How ironic is it, that Barack Obama is such a threat to the Black Leadership that they would attempt to sabotage his chances at the nomination?


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