Friday, April 18, 2008

Perception Vs. Reality

(Original posting from January '07)

There are so many glaring examples of liberal hypocrisy, combined with mainstream media enabling, that I scarcely know where to begin. But we have all seen it and at least half of us have ignored it. To revert to a reference to movie lore, I can only equate this selective memory to those “flashy things” the Men In Black used. Is such a thing possible? In all honesty, I simply cannot subscribe to such fantasy but to be fair, I have no other rational explanation. Call me kooky, but what in God’s name is going on here?

I’ll begin with the Sandy Berger affair, which is arguably the quintessential case of double standard. In preparation for the impending 9/11 Commission hearings Berger, whether at the behest of Clinton or not, did something that would have been national news for weeks had he been a Republican. He broke the law, seriously. And whether or not you make the connection to the reason why he did this, the fact remains, it looks bad, and the Woodwards and Bernsteins of journalism should have been on this story like…well, like Woodward and Bernstein on Richard Nixon.

Such lame explanations as, “Oh, Sandy was just sloppy that day” have been more than adequate for a media and populace supposedly thirsty for truth. Again, imagine the parties involved being reversed. Imagine Richard Nixon explaining the blank 18 minutes of tape away with something like, “Heh heh, I was trying to tape Pat snoring and put the wrong reel on the machine”. Of course the media would have slapped their collective knee and scolded Tricky Dick for being an incorridgable cut-up, right? Fat chance.

Let’s try the Rose Law Firm records. Hillary had a laptop with all the information required by investigators, but what happened? Uh…it vanished. “Nope, I must have misplaced it”, said an impish Hillary.

No problem, was the response, and the media simply nodded and went about their business, which was to attack those who had the audacity to attack their beloved Clintons. And then, 3 days after the statute of limitations expired in the case, Hillary stumbles down to breakfast and says, “Wow! Someone call the FBI, I just found my laptop!” Media response? “YAWN!!!”

Finally, to ultimately demonstrate that the media is more than a group of people with no agenda, eager to simply provide the news, we have this:

The Duke Lacrosse case. This story was unavoidable when it looked like a group of rich white boys was about to be hanged for raping a black woman. Story after story about how justice in America was finally for real, and no longer would blacks be made victims by whites. Well as it turns out, it was whites being victimized by not only a lone black woman, but by a liberal agenda which is totally out of control.

These boys are all but completely vindicated now (a statement which makes its own sad statement, incidentally), and there is barely a whimper from the MSM. They slash and burn on their alleged “quest for the truth”, and when the trail turns cold, they simply move on like a camper out to piss off Smokey The Bear. They leave the ashes of their campaign smoldering and never bother to glance back.


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