Friday, November 7, 2008

Come Together Now?

Come Together Now?

Written by SleeplessByTheSea

Everywhere I go, everything I hear today is, it’s time for us all to come together, now! Whoa! Wait a minute? Now? Why not yesterday? This is still the same country as it was yesterday, and we still all face the same problems and the same threats. But, it was not politically correct to rally around the president yesterday was it? This makes me sick!

The democrats are acting as if the Bush administration caused this war, and caused every problem that the globe faces today. Did the dem leadership in congress not agree to fight the war? Did the dem leadership in congress not also read the international intelligence that told us Saddam had WMD? Why, as a matter of record, yes they did! But, the War is all Bush’s fault! That is nothing more than pure partisan rhetoric. The last I looked, the whole country was attacked in 2001, not just the repubs! The last I looked, the whole country has been living on credit, not just the repubs! The last time I looked, the whole country was depending on foreign oil, not just the repubs! And excuse me, but how many times did President Bush and the repubs try to get the congress and the country interested in energy alternatives, and those requests fell on deaf ears? How many of those same deaf ears refused to even discuss social security reform? How many of those deaf ears were wrapped up in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac programs, and hiding the reality that they were in trouble?

Every administration that has ever served this country has had some sort of crisis to deal with, and problems to face. You cannot have a nation with hundreds of millions of people, without problems. We will always need to work together! After 9/11, we did work together, beautifully…..but it was short lived. The dems saw the country pull together moreso than they had in decades, and it scared them. They saw their chances of taking back the white house in 2004 slipping away, so they began their negative attacks. Bush couldn’t sneeze or even choke on a pretzel, without being ridiculed. The media piped right in with them. No matter how many things Bush got right, they did everything in their power to make it look wrong. When he saw that we had an economic slow down, after the way 9/11 hit the travel and entertainment industry, he chose to cut taxes. The dems tried their best to make that out to be a bad thing. In reality, it was a good thing…it improved cash flow, and the economy began to pick up. There were new jobs, and spending picked up…even with the us in wars on 2 fronts. Less tax is never something the dems embrace. They didn’t like it a bit, even though it worked. They fought the patriot act, even though it enabled our officials to try to keep track of terrorists that intend to do us harm. The dems sold it as a ‘bad thing’.

Bush didn’t do everything right, but he certainly didn’t do everything wrong, and he certainly never created the “Miserable” mess, the dems and the media would have us believe. Why weren’t they willing to pull together then?
Today’s problems are no different than the ones yesterday, but now all of the sudden there is this outcry for us to all come together. It seems to me like before we go the road ahead together, some of us need to go back an patch up a few deep holes in our solidarity, that you chose to cause, with your own partisanship. I’m willing to work with anyone that earns my trust. But it’s got to be earned. How about beginning with honoring the man that has kept your country safe from attack for the last 7 years, as a start, before you go expecting us to honor the new kid on the block, with no experience. He’s going to need us all no doubt. But, no more than Bush needed all of you, all of these years.

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