Monday, November 17, 2008

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal: The Next President?

He may well be the up and coming Republican superstar, a moniker I happen to agree with, for obvious reason. All one needs to do is watch him speak in the interview on CBS' Face The Nation

Pay particular attention to the seamless way he answers the creationism question when pressed on his personal stand on the issue. He's got the luxury of serving a full term as governor, which was lacking for Sarah Palin, and he's also much more sure of himself in face-to-face interviews.

There are many videos available across the web, but for now, enjoy this one:

Watch CBS Videos Online

As a post script; does it matter what he looks like? Does it matter that he's of Indian descent? Does it matter that he's not white? My answer to all of these questions is no, as I suspect will be the consensus of many of the republican party. He's bright and articulate, and he is shaping up to be the best bet to limit Obama to one term. I really do hope that I will not be clamoring for such four years from now, but I have my reservations in that regard.

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