Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Handle With Care

It has finally happened. America has elected her first black president. How I wish the first could have been a republican, but that is water under the bridge. I do have to wonder what the reaction would have been in such a case, though. How enthusiastically would he have been embraced had his party been different? Perhaps we'll never know, and we now have the opportunity to see how this man performs as our leader.

It remains true, despite his overwhelming victory, that he is still a political and, more importantly, executive neophyte. His cabinet choices in the coming weeks will be critical toward determining just what direction he plans to move the country. It is also the first time in over a decade that the democrats have had complete control of the executive and legislative branches. It only lasted two years the last time, so Obama must handle this job with care. I pray that he does well.

An interesting side note in this turn of events is the fact that racism is now officially dead. Jesse Jackson was on hand last night at Obama's acceptance speech, crying as he spoke. Only Jackson knows what caused the tears, but I will speculate that the joy of seeing an African American giving such a speech was only part of the reason.

Perhaps Jackson is either giddy in anticipation of his impending retirement or lamenting his loss of employment. There should be no further need for so-called civil rights leaders anymore, there should be no guardians such as Jackson, Sharpton, et al, railing against racial injustice, and there should be no need for envy on the part of the African American community. America has just moved past the last boundary to racial harmony.

For this, we should all be grateful. Well, at least those of us who truly wanted to see the end of racism. There may still be people who will complain over the absence of something about which to complain.

Yeah. I'd bet on it...

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