Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pirates Draw Wrath Of U.N.

I realize that the image is a stunningly cavalier portrayal of the seriousness concerning the issue of the rash of Somali pirate seizures on the open seas, but I thought it was the perfect illustration when the latest news is considered. That would be the news that the U.N. has approved sanctions against the pirates!

Yes, the U.N. is flexing its flab once again, and I'm sure the effect is causing tremors in the "pirate community" (don't they have a lobby yet?) that would rival those felt in San Francisco during earthquake times. I'm waiting for the president-elect to threaten them with a terror tax. That would certainly slow the incidence of ship takeovers. Pirates are, after all, capitalists and they will cower in the face of a tax on their entrepreneurial endeavors.

I'm content to sit back for the time being and allow the United Nations to work its magic, however. When have they ever let us down?

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