Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Thuggery From The Peaceful Left

I am always amazed when the radical leftists in America claim to be uber-patriotic specifically because they demonstrate an overt hatred of the country, the very country that affords them the right to do so. Berkeley, California is a concentrated epitome of the insanity of it all because they also openly loathe the military, which protects the same right. If a child strolled into the dining room during a dinner party and announced that her parents were the worst humans on the planet, I sincerely doubt that a single guest would assume that she loved her parents deeply.

Speaking of Berkeley, for people who claim to be tolerant and "pro-choice", they certainly portray a completely anti-choice attitude at military recruiting centers by blocking the entrance and attempting to intimidate prospective entrants. What is it about that choice they find so offensive? Is it because the folks who enter military recruiting centers may one day be in the business of killing the people who would harm the very protesters trying to thwart their career choices? Would these same protesters be so willing to block the entrances to abortion clinics?

The silly organizations known as World Can't Wait and Code Pink staged yet another "rally" in Berkeley on November 10th at which they now demand that Obama pledge to end the Afghan engagement as well as vacating Iraq. World Can't Wait members bore signs and shirts declaring, "Stop thinking like an American". Very nice.

Meanwhile, referendums in a few states that passed the test of a vote have now come under attack by liberal homosexuals who treasure democracy only when it works to their own benefit. When a majority of voters reject their agenda, the war lines are drawn, and God and the elderly be damned.

In Lansing, Michigan, a gang of gay protesters not only had the poor taste to protest outside of a church in Delta Township, but they had the unmitigated audacity to take seats in the church and disrupt the service itself. Once the service began, the nice folks who just want the same rights as heterosexuals saw fit to terrorize the worshippers. According to the article:

Protesters who entered the Creyts Road church along with worshippers surprised the congregation when they stood up during the service, threw fliers at churchgoers and shouted slogans such as "It's OK to be gay," and "Jesus was a homo," according to David Williams, communications director at the church.

I would like to offer a suggestion to these fine folk; target a mosque next. You may learn a few things about tolerance from (ironically) kindred spirits. Just trying to help.

Moving on to California, where Proposition 8 was just given the stamp of approval by voters, another rally saw its share of shameful behavior perpetrated by the alleged purveyors of peacefulness. 80-year-old Phyllis was on hand in Palm Springs to show her support for the proposition and was shouted down by enraged gay protesters. She also had the crucifix she was carrying ripped from her hand and trampled upon while the thugs continued to scream at her as she was trying to conduct an interview with a local news woman.

For these thugs, I offer the same advice as for those in Lansing; try the same with an 80-year-old Muslim woman's Qur'an.

I wonder at what point normal Americans will plant their feet and declare loudly that this has got to stop. I wonder when people will recognize that tearing something to pieces does not equate to constructive anything. I wonder if the election of Barack Obama - whom I consider to be a leftist extraordinaire - will be the receipt the people I have described here finally needed to examine, whereby they realize that they have achieved all that they have dreamed of, only to realize when they get home that they bought a bag of squirming meal worms.

Either they will recoil in horror upon opening the bag, seeing their purchase, and finally realize the error of their ways, or decent people will finally have their fill of bad pie and throw back the table and rise to fight back. This is one I cannot predict, not will I attempt such. I will, however, be so bold as to predict a dramatic change in the near future, and it will not be of the variety that Obama supporters envisioned.

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