Friday, October 29, 2010

"A Period of Know-Nothingism"

Mr. Know-it-all, John Kerry
For the last two years we have witnessed an incredible surge in Conservatives who have finally decided that faith in the system would no longer suffice, and who have sacrificed valuable time in board rooms, businesses and cubicles to rally and protest for the first time.

According to polling data, there are more people involved in the political process than ever before. Voter turnout is expected to eclipse past elections, and this is only the mid-terms. Yet, according to the Democrats, we've never been quite as clueless as now.

Speaking to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce yesterday, John Kerry continued the Democrats assault on our intelligence, saying that "we have lost our minds", and that we're basically being led by Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. This suggests that we cannot believe what our eyes tell us, but rather that we rely solely on what we're told. We know nothing.

Reporting for duty.
And of course, Kerry also felt compelled to engage in the obligatory, "It's not our fault" gibberish, saying:
"It was not Barack Obama, it was not the Democratic Party. It was not us who asked for a bailout, or created the situation that required a bailout. And it was in response to a Republican president that a lot of Democrats stepped up." 
Yes, a Republican president who, for six years had the economy doing quite nicely despite 9/11 and two wars was the the problem. It couldn't possibly be related to the timeline of the Democrats re-taking of the Congress and the start of our economic melt-down in the last two years of Bush's tenure. How could we be so ignorant? 

I just hope that the Democrats, after getting their heads handed to them at the ballot box next Tuesday, don't try to pull a Paul Krugman on us and tell us it never happened.

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Edisto Joe said...

Probably the number one liberal on my most hated to Obama, next to Pelosi, next to Reid, and that little dark haired twerp from Ohio. Oh, I failed to mention Henry out in California...hell I hate em all.

John Kerry never had an original idea in his life. He's nothing more than a party line panderer still pissed because he can't figure out how he lost to Bush. He can't even figure out which state to dock his yacht in.

Woody said...

Oh no you didn't. You dragged out the dreaded "H" word. Now we're going to be forced into spending days trying to heal the scrape marks on our recently-dragged knuckles so the "intellectuals" don't notice.

On a more serious note, the current strategy being employed by Liberal elitists is eerily reminiscent of the doctors of old. They felt the same way about their poor, dumb patients when questioned on the wisdom of using leeches and blood-letting in the healing process.

Incidentally, I agree with every word you wrote.