Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rallies by Comparison

Long shot of the One Nation rally, 10-2-10
While there is no time stamp on the above photograph, it looks to be around mid-day judging by the shadows cast by the trees. Aside from a few stragglers scattered here and there, the entire grassy area to the left is nearly empty.

Now lets compare that with the same shot from August 28th, the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor rally:
Long shot of the Restoring Honor rally, 8-28-10

Even accounting for the possibility that these two photographs were taken a few hours apart on their respective days, the crowd-size disparity is stunning. 

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Atticwarrior1 said...

I was there at Glenn Beck. It was amazing how many wonderful good-hearted honest hard-working patriotic Americans were there of all makes and models that day! Many drove families hundreds or thousands of miles to get there! Highly motivated event attendees succeeded in re-establishing what made America great!

Woody said...

I doubt "thousands of miles" would be accurate, but I get your point, Atticwarrior1. I was unable to attend, but I have friends who did, from several states. Some drove and others flew and all at their own expense.

And when it was over, they cleaned up after themselves. Don't believe a word of what the left says.

Leese said...

I was there also, Atticwarrior.. and you are absolutely right! Strangers became friends and there was just this sense of togetherness that I, personally, will never forget.

Woody, "thousands" is accurate for the people we met from Washington State.. Arizona.. Utah..and one of the Dakota's (can't remember N or S).. It is hard to believe, especially since I only had to drive three HOURS and I was going stir crazy in the car!! LOL!!

Edisto Joe said...

The picture is always worth a thousand words! This rally should have been called "Liberals Gone Wild." I wrote about this today and that was a thought that came to mind. It's sad when you have to truck in people to attend your rally. I guess they handed out free hot dogs and coke or tofu and fruit juice, depending on which group you align with.

One Nation Working Together? Which nation are they talking about?

Daniel said...

Could you clarify why you think it's midday. If I'm not mistaken, the sun should be shining from that direction all day in Washington DC this time of year. Why do you say mid-day. If anything, those shadows are pointing a little towards the memorial which suggests its a morning shot.

The rally didn't start until the afternoon. I don't know how the crowds shook out, but you may very well have been duped.

Edisto Joe said...

I don't think it matters what time of day it was. The rally produced nowhere near what the organizers,(400 liberal groups), had hoped for.
Their hope that they could equal or better Beck's turn out didn't materialize, so the photo's give an accurate depiction of the two events.

Daniel said...

Edisto Joe - my point is based on one crowd estimate of the mid afternoon rally, it might have slightly exceeded Beck's event. It may not have, I don't know. But they didn't pull that number out of thin air.

Now - this picture looks like it plausibly could have been taken in the morning. If it was taken in the morning to represent an afternoon rally then it's not an accurate depiction.

The lack of a time stamp is suspicious, don't you think?

From the estimates I've heard they were about comparable in size.

Woody said...

I don't doubt that there were people there from all corners of the country, but I'm willing to bet that many of them flew in and didn't drive. And they did so at personal expense.

Those people got better than hot dogs and tofu...they got free bus rides, free hotel rooms, and free boxed lunches, probably very healthy stuff.

And Daniel,
Look again closely at the 10/2 photo. Keep in mind that the shot is looking due West, and the Memorial faces due East. That means that the sun moves toward the Memorial throughout the day.
Look at the shadows. The trees may be harder to gauge since we don't really know which tree casts which shadow. Rather, look at the shadow in the foreground, cast by the small structure in the circle.
It is perpendicular to the Memorial, indicating that, even in the autumnal sun, it is very close to midday.
Further, examine the face of the Lincoln Memorial. In the bottom photo, it is illuminated by the sun. Five weeks before the One Nation rally, the sun was higher in the sky, which would account for this.
In the top photo, the face of the Memorial is shaded, indicating that the sun, lower as a result of the autumn equinox, has moved too far West to shine directly on it.

Edisto Joe said...

A few more observations on this topic. Beck's rally centered on faith and doing the right thing for yourself and America. One Nation brought out one Charlie Rangel speaking to the crowd and posing for pictures. The man who wrote the tax laws but can't follow them and who could very well face expulsion. This group can accept that but think Tea Party people are crazy lunatics?

It's also interesting to see the amount of trash left behind. Could the Unions not allow for some of their own to pick up the trash? The litter left at the WWII Memorial was a disgrace!