Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Revenge of the Nerds

An angry resident at a town hall meeting
Hard as it may be to believe, the Right is the ideological coalition of the Nerds, despite the fact that they have been portrayed by the Left and its media accomplices as the incarnation of evil. The members of the "party of no", the party that supposedly wants to poison children and starve seniors, have actually been the decades-long victims of a figurative brutalization by the alleged party of compassion.

The very politicians and sympathetic pundits who pretend to be so concerned about both physical and cyber-bullying have been the most aggressive tormentors of their counterparts on the political spectrum. Ironically, most of this terrorizing has occurred in the electronic medium. Never let it be said that Liberals let irony and hypocrisy stand in their way.

As Liberals have run rampant for years, protesting every perceived evil through the most violent of means, we have been stuffed in our lockers listening to the cacophony they create in their baseless outrage, burning cars, smashing windows and attacking police. We have had our lunch money stolen every day in the form of punitive taxation. We have had our candidates viciously attacked during campaigns by opponents and their enablers in the media alike.

Then we listen to these violent provocateurs and tormentors preach the need to halt bullying, when they are the very people who have stigmatized the age-old remedy to bullying, effectively exacerbating the problem. Just as Dr. Spock was to child rearing, so have the Liberals been to political differences. Most of us have long believed that the only way to stop a bully is to punch him right in the nose. The Left insisted that reason should be the fix, but just as the bully has traditionally viewed negotiation as a sign of weakness, so have our repeated attempts been received by Liberals.

The Tea Party has delivered the long overdue punch in the nose that the Left has been begging for, and they have reacted just as predictably as our fathers told us - many years ago - that "Billy" would, if we only stood up to him. They are crying like babies.

In six days, the bully will get detention, and he will cry even harder, a humiliated former hero of the school, now exposed for the weakling he truly has been. Thank you, America, and thank you Tea Party patriots everywhere.

To the Republican Party, I have but one simple admonition before you regain control of Congress; please don't become the nerd-turned-arrogant-ass that has been so frequently portrayed in the cinema. Retain your class and humility and, above all else, cling to the memory of how you got here. The pitchforks and torches will not be so hard to find the next time around. Those we plan to keep handy.

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