Monday, July 6, 2009

Emulate The East

This time I mean it. I sincerely hope that our U.S. Senate emulates Europe and Asia when they vote on Obama's climate bill/cap and trade scheme.

At issue this week on Capitol Hill is the senate deliberations on climate change (global warming for the old-school crowd). After Speaker Pelosi and her cohorts in Congress whipped their membership into submission and an ultimate "aye" vote on punishing the American people through punitive legislation on energy, the Senate now is slated to consider the vote. The arrival of Al Franken - the newest senator on the Hill - gives the Democrats a super-majority, a filibuster-proof 60%.

That's relevant, however, only if virtually every member votes along party lines, something that seems increasingly more unlikely given the emerging proclamations by China, Russia and most recently, India. Three of the most rapidly growing economies - and by virtue of such, CO2 emitters - have done something our own congress will not; they actually took the time to realistically study the negative impacts cap and trade would have on their economies. As a result, all three have opted out of the Copenhagen Accord which would, if adopted, replace the Kyoto Protocol.

Ostensibly, the whole intent of such machinations are designed to protect the planet from harmful CO2, maligned as a "pollutant" and a greenhouse gas. Rising levels of CO2, we're told, are causing global temperatures to rise and, therefore, we have to cut our emissions drastically and quickly. Going on the assumption that this is true just for the sake of argument, our own reductions without those of other industrialized nations will accomplish nothing more than destroying our economy once and for all.

Now let's toss the assumption of veracity out and address the truth. The climate has been steadily cooling since the turn of the century. In fact, just since the release of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, the average global temperature has dropped .74 degrees fahrenheit. That is strange considering that CO2 concentrations have continued to rise: That is not how the true believers tell us it's supposed to be. If we're still pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, and CO2 is a greenhouse gas that causes global warming, how could the Earth possibly be cooling? Perhaps the entire notion of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is an equation designed by a nefarious mind and adopted by legions of lesser ones. Quite telling is the trend currently being set; anyone who has been paying attention would have noticed that the urgency of the true believers is matched equally by the numbers of scientists emerging in opposition to AGW.

As the case crumbles around them, the true believers feverishly work to enact damaging - and most likely, catastrophic - legislation before the opportunity disappears. I only hope that enough members of the Senate realize this before they finish off America.

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Edisto Joe said...

These global warming loonies are everywhere and it can drive you insane. Talk about fear mongers! Disaster is looming, the destruction of life on earth is near. How arrogant are thse people? Do they not realize that nature adapts to the enviroment and environmental change has been evolving over millions of years.
The earth will be hear long after these idiots are gone as well as you and I. Life will continue. It may well be an advanced form from what we know it as now or it could be a much simpler form but it will continue.

My suggestion to the Senate is to "can" this enviromental bill nonsense and start to worry about that speeding asteroid out in space thats on a collision couse with the planet. Global warming won't matter much then.

Edisto Joe
The Edisto Joe Outlook

Woody said...

I have yet to hear one of these people explain how temperatures can go down if the CO2 is going up, which just flies in the face of the whole argument.

swmand4 said...

Heh, this reminds of the episode of Penn and Teller: Bulls**t where they examine global warming. I found the episode convincing.