Thursday, July 16, 2009

The True American Spirit

I have posted musical videos over past months for purely entertainment purposes, but this one is philosophical. I think it perfectly encapsulates the mindset that I espouse along with the multitudes who share my ideology. While it is a simplistic depiction of that ideology, it nevertheless is dead-on balls accurate.

Sit back, put on the headphones, and enjoy the music and the message:

Anyone who disagrees is welcome to say so, but you will subsequently be shot and given a burial that would make Josey Wales spit tobacco on my forehead. I hate that.

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Edisto Joe said...

Love your blog. MTB an all time favorite. You've got a good theme song. "Heard it in a love song" still gets playing time from me.

By the way, Obama's theme song...
"Highway To Hell"

Edisto Joe

Woody said...

Thank you, Edisto Joe.
Ha! I love "Highway To Hell". Perfect.