Saturday, July 25, 2009

Potentially Lethal Affirmative Action

I know a good many people who have long believed that it would be a wonderful thing to have a "regular guy" in the White House for a fresh perspective. I was one of them, foolishly convinced that we needed to move away from the professional, rich politicians and get someone "just like me" in the Oval Office. See how wrong you can be.

While Barack Obama is neither just like me nor a regular guy, the same principle of the neophyte holds true in his case and we're seeing the fruits of our folly in record short time. Barack Obama is only the 16th U.S. senator to win the General Election and, to the best of my knowledge, the first freshman senator to have done so, and from the moment he was seated in the senate, he was busy campaigning for president.

The American people - or at least half of them - were so intent on "giving a black man a chance" at the presidency that they completely ignored all of the warning signs that he was ill-prepared, at best, to lead. Most of that half of the population still refuses to acknowledge the damage he is inflicting already and the potential still down the road for our complete ruination as a country.

Democrats wailed loudly over the George W. Bush deficit and demanded a halt to the spending on the wars, claiming that he was going to bankrupt the nation. Now that Barack Obama and his allied Congressional cohorts are spending at quadruple the rate of Bush, there is virtual silence from the left, save for the applause. And while the constitution makes quite clear that the number one priority of the Federal Government is the defense of the nation, no one bats an eye over the fact that Obama is ceasing production of the F-22 Raptor and siphoning the money into programs that were never enumerated in the constitution.

This president does not understand economics, he does not understand international relations, and he holds none of the reverence or comprehension for the office that his predecessors had. His comment in Wednesday's news conference regarding the Cambridge police is evidence enough of that. His continuous apologies to the rest of the world on our behalf and his recent interactions with foreign leaders are a source of deep embarrassment and humiliation, and his obsequiousness is noticable to all.

Affirmative action in the private sector can lead to some damaging consequences, and in public safety can be perilous. The same practice applied to the Executive Branch of government can be deadly for the citizens. And - irony of ironies - the devastating effects of this particular black man's reign may possibly ruin any chance of another black man holding the coveted title of President of the United States for decades to come. The rush to elect a black man, any black man, for the sake of saying we finally did it may just undo us.

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