Friday, July 24, 2009

It Is Time to Take Our Country Back!

It is Time to Take Our Country Back!

This is not political. This is about patriotism, and living the American way...the American dream. I am an independent voter. I am loyal to no party. I am for freedom. When Obama was elected, I vowed to give him a chance. It did not take long, before he blew it. We are only six months into the changes Obama had in store for us, and I can sum them all up in one word. Control. He wants control. Whoever controls him wants control….control of our lives, and control of our money, which is our livelihood. There is not one word written in the document our founders wrote, known as the constitution that ever mentions government control of our lives. In fact, if one is inclined to bother to read the document, it spells out just the opposite. Our forefathers had the insight to know there would be individuals that would challenge us for our rights and freedoms, and they were specific in the way the document is worded, as to protect those very rights.

Obama's rise to fame and recognition happened at an alarming rate. It was only in 2000, that no one other than a handful of Chicago insiders had ever heard of the man. Yet, he ran for the Senate in 2004, and won. He didn't even serve two full years, before he left that senate seat sitting vacant to hit the road for the presidency.

The country was ripe for a change, after 8 years of the same administration in office, and government getting bigger all the time, but did anyone that was stumping for Obama really think his change meant even more government? More controls over our lives? And, oh by the way….while Obama was sweeping the country, he never did bother to disprove the rumors of his birth in Kenya, after his paternal Grandmother stated that he was in fact born in Kenya. She said she was right there, when he was born. Excuse me, but that makes him ineligible to be president. It is amazing how many people are afraid to press the issue. Wouldn't it be smart of him to just volunteer his birth certificate for public scrutiny to put the matter to rest? One has to assume he cannot prove he is a natural born citizen, or the document would not be kept under lock and key.

So, now, we have a president, that could very well be illegitimate, and yet we're allowing him to stomp on our freedoms left and right, and in between, all the while he spends our money and our children's money faster than the government can print it. Anyone with any common sense knows that when you are broke, you find a way to work harder, and save. You certainly don't go on spending sprees. Yet that is exactly what the Obama administration has done. They passed that stimulus package in the name of creating jobs and helping the economy. But that money is not creating jobs. Jobs are still being lost! Businesses are still going under, and more are threatened by the day with the threat of more taxation, and penalties if they do not insure their employees. What kind if stimulus is that? It's the kind that pays for mice projects, and photo ops over NY, and flies the president (and his family) back and forth all over the world to make his speeches and apologies for the miserable mistakes Americans have made. Never mind the pride America has, for being the most generous nation on earth with her sons and daughters to fight for freedom all over the world for the past 100 years. Never mind that the US is the first to give in the time of natural disasters. Obama apologies for us.

Now, he's shoving this healthcare plan down our throats….and lying to us while he promotes it. He says how we all deserve medical care. He says you can keep your private plan if you want. But he skirts the issue that if for some reason you lose your private insurance, you will be ineligible for another private plan. You will have to go the the government's plan. Does he bother to tell you that if you don't eat and drink and do what they tell you, you might not get treated? This is all about control! He has stated that the elderly might not exactly be eligible for some of the care that could prolong their lives. Move over, Granny and Gramps….that Operating room is needed for someone younger....that money might be needed for an abortion, instead! How many small businesses that are already struggling do you think will be able to afford to cover all of their employees? They will either be penalized, or they will end up hiring less employees, or even worse, be forced to close their doors. Hence, even more jobs lost! He says his plan will have quality care. Yet it's not good enough for him, his family, or for congress! No….we will still be paying high premiums for their "top quality" policies! And he says He is not an elitist? This government healthcare plan is a disaster waiting to happen. Just ask Europe. Just ask Canadians!

As our Commander in Chief, he has already been whittling away at our military, by cutting their budgets, and funds for their equipment….the latest being the funding for new F-22's. Now, he's stating that a victory in Afghanistan is not really necessary. Why would anyone put their lives on the line for a cause that is not meant to be won? He's shooting us in the foot! When you want to weaken your enemy, you disable his weapons...his fleet, do you not? So, ask yourself...why does Obama want to weaken our our forces? Are we his enemy?

Our economy is in the tank, our healthcare, which has up to this point been the best in the world is being threatened, and our defenses are being disarmed. Someone from another faction of al Qaeda, or a similar Islamic group couldn't plan a better undoing of America than Obama and Company are doing to us right now. He sure has not done a darned thing to prove his loyalty or love for his country or her citizens!

It is time to take our country back, and stop this man that is not only not qualified, but not legal to sit in the White House! We need to take our country back now! We cannot wait for the next election to roll around. We have to cut his power grabs now! It it time for us as Americans to stand up and defend our constitution, and protect our own rights and freedoms. It is time for us to demand our leadership represent us, instead of trying to control us! It is time to get vocal, and it is time to March!

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