Sunday, July 19, 2009

Liberalism Perfectly Illustrated

Success to a liberal, as I've said many times, is defined by creating an environment where everyone is equal. The problem is, they cannot figure out a way to lift everyone up to the highest standard of living, so their remedy is to drag everyone down to equally wallow at the bottom. Equal misery for all, that's the ticket.

On a recent airing of Your World with Neil Cavuto on Fox, Stuart Varney as guest host debated radio talk-show host Mike Papantonio and the exchange was both stunning and somewhat amusing. Papantonio actually defended the words of President Obama when he says that the "stimulus is working".

After pointing out the soaring unemployment rate and the myriad jobs lost, Varney asked Papantonio to explain. Papantonio countered that there were "dozens of policemen in Cleveland rehired", and 3,000 teachers in Alabama who "got their jobs back". The look of incredulity on Varney's face says it all:

Papantonio then goes on to declare that the obvious success of the Reagan economy was a failure and that if we only shut up and fall in line behind Obama, everything will work out just fine. Never mind the blatant lies already told by this administration regarding the stimulus and the unemployment rate. Remember, Obama said that if we passed the stimulus right away, unemployment wouldn't exceed 8%. It's now 9.5%, and rising (those dozens of cops in Cleveland notwithstanding).

And now he wants to perpetrate the same insidiousness via Universal Health Care. While decrying the "scare tactics" of the right designed to defeat his lofty ambitions, Obama then attempts to scare us into supporting it. And he looks straight into the camera and says that his plan will help the struggling economy despite what the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) calculates:

I guess Papantonio believes that if we just get behind Obama and stop "ankle-biting", we can all prove the CBO wrong? Perhaps if it doesn't work out, we can then just blame people like me for the teeth marks on Obama's ankles, or the coup de grace, blame it all on George W. Bush.

The Pied Piper was charged with leading the rat infestation out of town. In this case, he is Obama and he's leading lemmings of a cliff. Someone needs to break that damned flute, and quickly.

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Amlicar said...

As much as there are religious organizations/ dominations, there are political thoughts, some of them are based on whims and fancies.

This blog contributes to the morass of wild ideas that passes for political thought. Politics is a science not a fad. There are truths, like the laws of nature, if you contradict them , you will end in the wrong place.

Its based on the scientific analysis of society. All the wacky names given to concepts of subjectivity only serves to confuse the people. Terms like , liberalism means absolutely NOTHING. It has no economic or political class bearing. No class / or social strata to give it its identity.

This is a gibberish term formulated in some board room, to mislead and neutralize working people;s political unified power.They are the majority of Americans.

If the philosophy does not serve the American people but a small clandestine group. The purpose to splinter the masses who needs unity and community social services to upgrade their living standard.

American individualism cannot serve the millions of working people . That is a ruling class method to serve themselves only, because you cannot have a country where 90% of the population earn $100,000 annually . But every member of this country have to live at a high standard of life.

But all the earned capital and its profits, we have learned , recently, reside within the very minority 10% of the population.

You can call this rectification period,what you like. But the present stealing of the countries wealth by the CEO's of Corporate America will bankrupt our standard of living.

In your wisest moment, you will come to comprehend, that history demands you join the progressive movement to SAVE AMERICA.

dweebles said...

No. How about you actually back up any of your previous statements with some fact. If you can not give facts, give examples of how Corporations eat up the nation's wealth.
I'll be waiting. Perhaps you will find the outcome quite interesting. Who knows, after you falter, you might consider becoming a Conservative?

dweebles said...

I meant to highlight this little gem. Sounds like the lib has shown his hand with the first line. Now we know what you are afraid of and what you will do to further your "progressivism".

[As much as there are religious organizations/ dominations, there are political thoughts, some of them are based on whims and fancies.]