Monday, November 9, 2009

And On The Eighth Day, God Made Guns

It's to the women and men who in their hands hold a Bible and a gun
And they ain't afraid of nothing, when when they're holding either one
- Lynyrd Skynyrd, "That Ain't My America", God And Guns (2009)

Considering the life span of a deity, a single day spans centuries, and so it was after a considerable period of rest that God gave us guns, perhaps as early as the 12th century AD. In terms of God's longevity, it could be argued that this was in response to witnessing the birth of Islam one weekend from Heaven. I believe He knew what was coming.

What that scenario conjures is the remote possibility that God can be surprised. For the truly faithful, contingency plans on the part of the Lord are unthinkable simply because One who is the Creator and the omnipotent One should never be caught off guard. Yet there is the presence of Lucifer in biblical history. Surely God never planned for that nasty bit of defiance...or did He?

Many more centuries would pass since the Gift of the Gun before mortal men, after learning from past mistakes, would finally take their faith in God and create a state (nation) governed by His commandments. (Oh, I can hear the shrieks already forming in the gullets of the liberals). Based on the principle that free men should be ruled by no one but God, America's Founders fought valiantly and at great personal risk to break free from oppression at the hands of other ordinary men and placed their trust in God and good people who agreed to live by the same principles.

It worked. America thrived and rose at a rate unimaginable to past civilizations, and with a harmony in it's maturity that would be the envy of all other nations of the Earth. Comprised of a diversity difficult to comprehend, America grew and prospered while hardly noticing the speed bumps of jealousy amongst new arrivals and those already ensconced. In the grand scheme of things, these have been chalked up as mere growing pains.

Then the trouble started. New arrivals, lured by the freedoms afforded by our military might and our Constitution, and encouraged by those who perhaps considered our success an affront to the poorer nations, began to insist that simple assimilation would no longer suffice. They decided that since America was the Land Of The Free, they were free to embrace their former cultures while enjoying the protections of their new cultures. While their compatriots who arrived decades before them strove to become Americans, they began resisting such "humiliations" by refusing to learn the new language or practicing the same social mores.

Then it became a social stigma to disagree with such a mindset. Liberals, uncomfortable with the luxuries of being who they were, set out to champion the very diversity that would facilitate the unravelling of America's fabric. The very mention of God would become taboo, and the guns would come under similar attack. Behaviors once considered heinous would be portrayed as simple lifestyle choices first, and vigorously defended second as rights.

Once completely ingrained in the American consciousness, it became child's play to begin the steady encroachment of government on the activities of all. Eagerly seizing the responsibility for our well being, government has used that responsibility as the tool by which to dictate our every pursuit. And now we find ourselves on the threshold of complete domination in the form of Universal Health Care.

Even worse, we have become a people paralyzed by our own language, unable to properly label things as they actually are. (The irony here is that while we are chastised for "ignoring the science" of Global Warming, it is science that sustains itself on labels). We are excoriated for calling a terrorist a terrorist because it might offend the sensibilities of Muslims, but the founding religion of America (Christianity) is reviled ad nauseam.

And the worst part of all is the fact that our "leadership" today are the biggest perpetrators of the assault on the nation's foundation. Candidate Obama once complained of "fly-over" America "clinging to their Bibles and guns". And yet - as a wise man once said - it will be the guns that rule at America's end, just as they did at its inception. And the God-loving people bearing those arms will mournfully pray with each round fired.

As Christians, they will not pray for sexual euphoria upon their own deaths, but for the souls of those they reluctantly have slain. If our new president cannot make this distinction, I will offer my service in his stead. It must be said.

In closing, please enjoy the song, which was part of the inspiration for this post.
And pray.

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Willi said...

Let's all hope it does not have to happen this way.
Great song. It gets my approval. Kind of leaves a lump in the throat.

Edisto Joe said...

Great post,great song! We are in the era of political correctness fueled by liberal groups of every section of society and it leads right up to the White House. I believe the Founding Fathers would truly be disapointed that so many now come to this country to take advantage of all it offers without even trying to learn the history, language,or customs. Worse, they would be outraged by the politicians that allow it to happen. On this Veterans Day I am truly thankful to those who take the time to acknowledge those who have helped make this country the true symbol of freedom. Sadly too many that come here as well as many who were born here have no idea or could care less about the sacrifices made which allow them to enjoy the life and freedoms they now have. Liberals refer to it as entitlement.