Friday, November 27, 2009

The Media Spin Cycle

We are once again being treated to the various approaches certain news outlets take to particular subjects. Fox News is complaining that the "mainstream" media is ignoring the bombshell caused by some hackers' release of Climate Research Institute emails. That is simply not true, as CNN has mentioned the story, but from a different perspective; they are doing what they can to downplay the significance of the event.

Despite their vehement denials of having a liberal agenda, left-leaning news outlets have habitually protected the liberal ideal whenever possible. Ignoring the abundant and overwhelming evidence of Obama's radical views and associations, the mainstream media sought to destroy the opposition ad nauseam. Even as the obvious stench of radicalism emanated from the Obama universe like a giant, gaseous cloud, it was of no concern to liberal media types. They were more interested in sending swarms of intrepid "journalists" to Wasilla, Alaska to go dumpster-diving for dirt on Sarah Palin.

Predictably, the furor over the release of environmentalists' emails is not about the damning nature of the emails but over how they were obtained. The leftist bloggers are righteously outraged over "this criminal act". The Huffington Post's Katherine Goldstein and Craig Kanalley write:

Despite the lack of evidence of some sort of conspiracy in the scientific community, this criminal activity has created fodder for right-wing groups and websites to promote their own agenda that global warming is not real. This comes at a time when international attention is more and more focused on the climate crisis in advance of the UN climate talks in Copenhagen in December.
It is funny then, how HuffPo was not so concerned about private emails during the 2008 presidential campaign, or at any time they could damage Sarah Palin. In a November 14th article titled McCain Campaign Emails Contradict Palin's "Going Rogue", Sam Stein shamelessly writes:
Sarah Palin's much-discussed book, "Going Rogue," hasn't even been officially released yet and already its accuracy is in question.

The Huffington Post has obtained internal McCain campaign emails -- addressed to and by the former vice presidential candidate -- that directly contradict or cast serious doubt on several of Palin's assertions.
Apparently to HuffPo writers and other liberal pundits, the possible success of Palin's book is of such paramount importance as to warrant the procurement of private emails, while the economic enslavement of the world is trivial. Nevertheless, they may try to ignore the eco-cabal collapsing like a portion of the Larsen Ice Shelf on a mid-summer day, but it doesn't make it any less true.

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