Sunday, November 29, 2009

Safety In Numbers- How To Lie With Impunity

There used to be a time when being discovered standing over a dead body with the murder weapon in your hand was considered damning evidence, but it seems that the liberal mindset has relegated the smoking gun to mythological status, the veritable Pegasus of admissible probability. It is child's play to deny any wrong doing simply by denouncing your discoverers as liars and declaring the notion of your capacity to kill as ludicrous.

There are people who truly believe that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney covertly planted an intricate network of bombs throughout 220 stories of the Twin Towers with no one knowing a thing about it, or that anyone who did know has remained silent all this time. They believe it just as surely as they know the sun will rise in the East, despite the overwhelming logistical impossibility of it. Yet, these same people cannot conceive of a scientific cabal hellbent on economic and social domination even though the evidence is both abundant and mounting.

It is simply ridiculous, they will say, to think that so many people could possibly be in collusion, and the incriminating emails recently revealed prove nothing. Bragging of "tricking" temperature data or imploring colleagues to destroy potentially damaging emails has been "taken out of context", we're told. Then they will - with straight faces - accuse the deniers of being part of an oil-funded conspiracy to destroy the planet. Does anyone see the sick irony here?

While liberals are given the benefit of the doubt by their counterparts in the media, conservatives are condemned on here say alone. Tom Delay was run out of town because someone accused him of gerrymandering in Texas, yet Charles Rangel rolls on unimpeded as Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee after it was revealed that he failed to pay taxes. (The committee he chairs writes the tax laws). Timothy Geithner is the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury even though it was disclosed that he failed to pay his income taxes.

These are not new revelations, I know, but they must be taken in context with the grand Global Warming scheme, for just the mention of a Lord Monckton draws snickers and derision from the left, who cast him as a charlatan. It is much easier to avoid a serious discussion when the opponent is classified as unworthy of consideration rather than given a chance to be heard. The left simply cannot risk lending any form of credence to such "blasphemy". (Al Gore has been running from Monckton for quite some time now). And so they agree en masse to stifle any damaging discoveries and sneeringly scoff at accusations. And the media willingly abets.

I pray that James Inhofe and any like-thinking associates hang onto this like tenacious pit bulls and force it out into the mainstream. We have just witnessed the CRU being thoroughly embarrassed and supported to the hilt by a press that too fervently believes the lies they've been told. What's worse is that they are now less curious about the truth and more eager to perpetuate the lie, which is precisely why they are on the same page in portraying this devastating disclosure as no big deal. If they reported accurately on the news, too many people who may not have had the AGW belief firmly ingrained in their psyches may begin to doubt.

That would be unacceptable to a crowd that not only clearly subscribes to the lessons of Goebbels, but has managed to out do him. Keep lying and never stop denying. And if we can get more than half of the people to lie, then it must be the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Neither the Bush administration nor anyone else possesses the managerial competence to stage 9/11 and keep all of the participants quiet for so long.

Global warming isn't a conspiracy in the usual sense of the word. The climate is getting warmer and fossil fuels are contributing to it. But no one can say with any certainty whether we are causing the problem or simply contributing to some unknown degree.

I have a question to consider:
What is a terrorist?

Edisto Joe said...

Hitler said, "If the lie is big enough and you tell it often enough, then the people will believe it." This is what Global Warming has become,one big lie that changes whenever truth gets in the way. Change the data, change the facts, even change the name of the theroy to Climate Change to keep the lie alive. I'd like to say more but the wife just told me we're running low on carbon credits so I've got to run out and buy some more from Al Gore.