Thursday, November 19, 2009

Browning The Neighbor's Grass

Now that the blame for America's economic woes is being laid at the feet of businesses, Pelosi wants to wall them in to prevent any chance of their fleeing to more fertile grounds. In effect, she wants to imprison them here so that she and her insatiable cohorts can finally bleed them dry. Oh sure, it is not being portrayed as imprisonment, but attempting to make the surrounding landscape just as unappealing as the grass on this side is tantamount to offering no choice but to die or die.

Rather than reducing the money wasted annually by the government - thus enabling the lowering of taxes on corporations - the Democrats want the rest of the world's nations to raise their own taxes to be as equally prohibitive to success as America's. More accurately stated, they want competition erased, havens for prosperity eliminated and our neighbors' lawns to beckon to no one.

And far too many Americans - those who form their political opinions based on blaring headlines and tantalizing sound bites - have been conditioned over the years to loathe the entities who not only provide the very goods by which they obtain their information, along with myriad other staples of their lives, but who also provide the jobs for which they hunger.

So successful has the divide-and-conquer strategy of the Left been that stemming the tide of all-out socialism in this country - once a ludicrous notion - will now require Herculean efforts by those who still love Mom and apple pie. Even as people yell from the rooftops their opposition to everything from universal health care to massive deficits to confiscatory taxation, the Democrats cavalierly march forward and audaciously claim to be "fighting for the American people".

Perhaps there is a gratuitous preposition in that phrase, as they more accurately appear to be "fighting the American people". Losing all of their false campaign humility the moment their oaths are sworn, the controlling Democrats begin the task of undermining the will of those who voted them into office. When the electorate protests their actions, they belittle them without a modicum of respect and then begin the unheard-of practice of holding votes critically important to more and more of their constituency on weekends, when they think no one is watching.

Our elected officials have lost the American ethic of improvement through hard work and sacrifice on the part of the people, preferring instead to lower the bar, scrape the excess off the top and plop it at the bottom to equalize the masses. They vilify the entrepreneur to curry favor with those below who await whatever scraps may fall their way, rather than enabling the wretched to climb. Once they had finished sawing the bottom rungs of the ladder, they took to the task of plucking those at the top and throwing them downward.

Speaking at a news conference on the prospect of imposing higher taxes on financial transactions, to prevent Wall Street jobs from moving off shore, Pelosi said that it would have to be an international effort. "It would have to be an international rule, not just a U.S. rule," Pelosi said at a news conference. "We couldn't do it alone, we'd have to do it as an international initiative."

Wars in foreign lands were once the only endeavor in which our Congress sought international support. Now they apparently seek the same global approval in their war on their own people. God help us.

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