Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Days?

I struggle, I truly do, to find a way to make people understand what they willfully inflict upon themselves in the name of the "greater good". I shake my head in wonder at the ease with which they have been conditioned to march blindly into the bayonets, all the while thinking that theirs is a noble journey. Liberals routinely lay claim to intellectual superiority because they read the most popular and prestigious propaganda rags, but the ideologies they espouse are entirely emotion-based and rely not on logic.

The assault has been waged by this mindset in true militaristic fashion, with the planners and commanders (Liberal punditry) guiding the foot soldiers (the protesters) and dutifully reporting their successes, thus encouraging ever more bold incursions. Their front has been advancing for decades almost unchallenged, and they began to feel invincible. Who would ever dare stand in their way? Then they hit the stone wall of the Tea Party movement.

What I would only describe as a "guerrilla" resistance, the Tea Party movement - contrary to how the Left attempts to portray it - is the modern day version of the Minute Men, with ordinary citizens once reticent or otherwise preoccupied to the point of inaction to mobilize, have finally had their water lines breached. They are pushing back, and the Left are beside themselves and in chaotic, flailing disarray. To the further dismay of the Left, the punditry of the Right are mere witnesses, themselves amazed at the spectacle unfolding before them, perhaps to become the retroactive generals in the battle.

I have read in recent days from fellow bloggers who exhibit nothing but scorn for we who wish to return to more simple times, times of low taxes and less government intrusion into every aspect of our lives. These well-written essays have claimed that it was those very simple days which are responsible for the state of our nation today. One in particular stands out in my mind. A Liberal writer asked if we were better off back in the '50's or '60's or today, which is a fair question, yet an ambiguous one, as the definition of "better off" is so highly subjective that it is moot to debate. Since I am fond of an argument, however, I will entertain the notion.

I grew up in the very early '60's and my mother never worked. I lived in a three bedroom house with a basement that my father finished with his own hands. It was a palace to me. We also had a small cabin cruiser on which we spent every weekend across the bay at the beach, and life was grand. I thought we were rich. Little did I know. While my father made only $77.00 per week back then, we had a very comfortable lifestyle, but he worried constantly, though he never complained and seemed genuinely happy. They retired on his salary (which obviously progressed over the years) and my mother still never had to work.

Thinking back to those days and trying to imagine life like that today - with no computers, cell phones, et al - is a difficult thought, but I still believe that in those days of limited government involvement life was by far better. Still, it wasn't the government that made the modern technologies we now rely upon a possibility; it was American entrepreneurialism.

But this Liberal writer complained that it is jobs we need now in order to save America and the working people, blaming greedy corporations for sending our jobs overseas. It must be understood that no person ever starts a business for the purpose of putting people to work. Putting people to work is actually a byproduct of a successful business. The business exists to make money, and if there is no profit, the business is pointless. And no homeless person ever hired a single soul. Sorry, Libs.

Democrats decided that in order to fund their perpetually increasing intrusions into our lives, someone had to pay more taxes. Realizing that their popularity would be jeopardized with their constituents, they decided to tax we the people modestly while slamming rich businesses, claiming that they had the money to pay. Naturally, a business taxed to poverty level would seek environs more conducive to the reason for its existence; profit. Add to this assault on enterprise the rise of labor unions and their strangle hold on corporations, with insanely inflated wages and absurd "legacy costs", whereby retired union workers who, in their 80's, are still covered in full by that "evil corporation" for their health care. Is it any wonder that automobiles cost so much and the companies that make them are broke?

Next is health care, which our government complains about ad nauseam. They insisted on taking responsibility for portions of it to "help the people", but now they complain of its costs. What to do? Why, take more control and seize more money from the citizens, of course. If one cannot see the trajectory of total domination by this "benevolent behemoth" of the Federal government, and its machinations toward that end, one needs an expensive pair of "free" spectacles. It is the overreaching ambitions of alleged public servants, hungry for control rather than servitude, who are inflicting upon us the ills we currently face.

Like the insipid tentacles of a cancerous cell invading healthy cells, the downward spiral of America feeds upon itself with the aid of the silent, hoping that it is nothing more than a persistent cough. Liberals are the deadly carcinogens.

Would I trade my technology for a day on my father's boat? Possibly, but I would prefer to have my own boat with wireless Internet and GPS and the freedom to enjoy both pleasures simultaneously, but my servants have become the masters and forbid it. Which was better, then?

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Edisto Joe said...

Excellent post! I was at a dinner the other night with many friends both liberal and conservative and this very topic was discussed. The debate was hopeless. My main point was that unions are responsible for their woes and should suffer the the fate of mismanagment the same as the corporations they work for do. I got slaughtered. I then tried to explain as you pointed out that no one who starts a business does so to create jobs. Jobs only come if the business prospers. Less government regulation and taxes make it easier for that to happen. The concept was too simple to understand. I guess I'm just not educated enough to understand the complexity of the liberal mind, but I do know when someone is educated beyond their intelligence.