Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rope And Chains

Before anyone out there begins frantically dialing up Janet Napolitano, rest assured that this is not a threat to our president. As hard as it may be for the Left to believe, despite the fact that I am a staunch Conservative, I am not a treasonous racist. And lest the painful memories of ropes and chains cause trauma to any readers, I use them for ballast rather than for any menacing purpose.

There is an incredible irony in the fact that America's first African-American president is not descended from slaves. Perhaps this is because - in my mind, at least - a valid argument could be made that if Obama were indeed a descendant of slaves, it would explain his intended enslavement of us as a sort of vengeance. But there are several fallacies in such reasoning, such as the fact it is not only Caucasians who will be his victims, but everyone, including those with bonafide ancestors of bondage.

Obama's Utopian socialist vision is not about race, after all, but about domination and control. For as wealthy as he has become as a beneficiary of a free society, the money is never enough for those of his mindset. It is the insatiable quest for power that is the driving force for men such as he, and the table has been set. He is preparing to feast.

Despite the horrible history for past victims of the society Obama hopes to create, there are still far too many people aiding and abetting our march to a gray doom, a colorless landscape of despair and universal poverty. The visions of desperate people imprisoned in their own country by the Berlin wall apparently is not enough evidence for those who anxiously await the same fate at the hands of a totalitarian Obama.

Satellite photographs of a pitch black North Korea at night - where the only lights shine in the compound of the Communist ruler - are not enough of a deterrent for this segment of our nation. Visions of long lines of Russians hungrily hoping for one loaf of bread have seeped from their memories, if those visions ever existed there in the first place. It could very well be that those who applaud his maneuvering have become conditioned to believe that this - existence in America - is the Hell they wish to escape. Poor, misguided souls.

Equal misery for all has long been my own understanding of the end result of Obama's - or Saul Alinsky's - plans. There have been no signs to sway me from that opinion. To the contrary, his tacit approval of the governance of places like Cuba, Venezuela or even Iran make me all the more wary. And the nauseating apologies to the world for our success is nothing short of frightening.

Knowing that it would be impossible to raise everyone up to the level of a Bill Gates, the only way to achieve the insane goal of total equality for all is to level the mountains and make us all a plain. Young adults today are the first victims of such a mentality, having grown up playing games instead of competing. Drummed into their little skulls was the notion that there was no need to keep score because it didn't matter who won. There would be trophies for all whatever the outcome of the game.

Removing the desire to excel has been part of the plan, and it seems to have borne fruit. The work ethic of our youth today is dismal, to be kind, and the sense of entitlement staggering. So it is that when the carrot of "free" stuff is dangled before them that they will follow blindly, fixated on the carrot alone and oblivious to where their feet land. That is a dangerous, myopic march, one that removes peripheral vision and allows for nefarious events to go undetected.

For as much as the Democrats have opposed every attempt at keeping illegal aliens from entering our country, don't be surprised if they suddenly experience an epiphany and endorse the completion of the wall on the border with Mexico, or the construction of one on the northern border, as well.

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Anonymous said...

The problems that have plagued America for decades are alternately blamed on the party in power by the party out of power.

Somehow, not a damn thing changes.

Anonymous said...

Healthcare costs are kept down by limiting access based upon economics. No one but fools are fooled.

dweebles said...

And yet, it is the party in power who urges the rudder left or right. With such antagonistic views, dead ahead has long been forgotten. Thank God above that there IS a right to this leftist concept.
Or can any rational thinking person still claim that there is no communist goal within the scope of the left's navigation plans?