Sunday, November 1, 2009

Forest For The Trees: The Hypocrisy Of False Compassion

On December 6th representatives from 171 countries will descend on the city of Copenhagen in a monumental effort to save the planet from doom at the hands of Man. With the Kyoto Protocol set to expire in 2012, these national emissaries - in conjunction with the United Nations - have determined that two years is short time to construct a new mandate on the world's countries to reverse their destructive ways.

There are an estimated 8,000 people expected to attend the meetings - which will run the two weeks from the 6th through the 18th. That number presumably represents the principals only, not taking into account the numerous staff and security personnel required for heads of state and ambassadors. Assuming a conservative estimate of only two additional people per principal, the number swells to 24,000. And then there are all of the world's journalists who will be on hand to tell us how the progress is going in determining how we can reduce our carbon footprints.

There are live concerts held by ostensibly well-meaning musicians and attended by tens of thousands of people who do so out of trepidation about the state of the planet, yet as they raise money to raise awareness, they contribute to the problem that they perceive exists. And the mammoth Al Gore would crush an entire forest underfoot just to save a sapling from dehydration.

Then we have another example of piousness exhibited by the slovenly, obese, wealthy Michael Moore, who complains about the health care system in this country and betrays the financial system that allowed his accumulation of wealth. While offering a dismal example of personal care, Moore actually claimed that capitalism has done nothing for him. And yes, there are people who believe him.

There are members of our Congress who write our tax codes and legislation and can't even follow their own rules. (Charlie Rangel (D-NY) comes to mind immediately). They write the laws that would land us in jail or - at the very least, have us paying a stiff penalty - yet they can flaunt those laws with impunity, even as they chastise the rest of us.

Perhaps the best example of all of this rampant hypocrisy, however, is the way that insanely rich celebrities admonish those who make their lavish lifestyles possible - us - to "help the needy". As we're constantly told that the rich do not pay their fair share of taxes - despite the fact that they not only pay the lion's share, but they do so for services that they do not consume to the same extent as the actual beneficiaries - I would wager that rich celebrities' philanthropy does not quite measure up to that of the ordinary working man, percentage wise.

The very foundation of America is being torn apart by the destructive machinations of a few elites who somehow view our society as unfair, yet the very poorest of our citizens would be the envy of any ordinary citizen of Darfur if those people could even begin to imagine the relative blissfulness of a "suffering" American. Our generosity has been ignored and even denigrated by our government in order to facilitate the seizure of our finances. It is being done so that government can hand out checks drawn on our bank accounts for the purpose of appearing to be the benevolent savior of the downtrodden.

And it is all about maintaining positions of power. After all, who would vote against the hand that feeds them?

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