Sunday, March 7, 2010

America, A Broken Home

Like any one of the myriad movies that emerged throughout the 80's and 90's, America has fallen prey to smooth talkers who have had nothing but contempt for her. Our once great nation has been hijacked by people who profess a love they claim we cannot fathom, all the while seeking to transform the majesty into travesty.

I can't count the number of movies where a nanny or a babysitter was invited into the home, only to slowly and methodically destroy the host family from within, playing on both the sensibilities of the family members and the suppressed animosities of those members who have felt slighted, but never to the point of violence. That is, until the newly introduced entity cultivated those near-dormant feelings.

The great difference between the America of old and tyrannical nations is simple; once, it was considered bad form in this country to speak ill of her, sometimes to the point of physical violence. Folks of my generation simply had no tolerance for bad-mouthing America simply because they loved this nation so much. Tyrannical governments were responsible for that violence because they could not tolerate dissent. Consider the former as akin to "sibling justice" and the latter to...well, tyranny.

We were once a people who defended our "home" as just that; our home, and the denigration of it was considered taboo. Then it became all too fashionable to tear it down from the plaster out. So, our enemies within decided to invoke their "rights" to defile our beloved home by claiming that our rights to demand they shut the hell up was unjust. "After all", they claimed, "how can you love something if you aren't willing to recognize its faults?"

Well, compared to a marriage, accepting faults works well, but screaming about them day in and day out will make for a quick divorce. And therein lies the problem today with America. It is the only rationale I can muster to explain the capture of American-born Adam Gadahn, the so-called "American al-Qaeda" man who grew up in Southern California. How could someone grow up in America and hate it so much?

Tolerance. Tolerance is one of the words in the English language that has been corrupted and commandeered to advance the demise of America. Discrimination is another. We are told that tolerance is mandatory for the furtherance of society, but who would actually tolerate the intolerable?

Furthermore, discrimination is what has gotten virtually every species on Earth to where they are now. Discriminating between the cliff ledge or the basin floor, for example. Discrimination is simply a choice which, oddly enough, the left claims sovereignty over and of which they pretend to champion.

Getting back to the siblings who rebelled, William Ayers comes to mind. He could be lumped in with Adam Gadahn. Oh sure, I can hear Timothy McVeigh's name gurgling in the throats of liberals reading this, but think about it...McVeigh committed a heinous crime. He didn't declare war on America.

What I find most disturbing is that we have not only encouraged such behavior, we have rewarded it. Once, we considered aberrant family members as "black sheep", and they were usually ostracized from the clan. I can only imagine the wails from the left regarding the closing paragraph, because only they could make the leap. But it needs to be said.

Judging strictly from his own rhetoric, and that of his mentors and associates, it must be noted that the American family has not only welcomed back the black sheep of the family, they have made him the patriarch. We are officially a broken home.

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