Friday, March 26, 2010

Emboldened Enemies Of America

True to Democrat form, Ed Schultz whines that if he can't win, Congress should change the rules. Hey Ed, if you want more listeners, maybe you should try offering a product that people actually want and stop trying to get the government to supply you with customers.

As we're about to find out, the federal government has no constitutional authority to compel people to purchase a particular product, like health insurance. The same holds true for media preferences. Suck it up and try to improve your show. In the real world there are no trophies for merely showing up.

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Liberty1776 said...

SHOCKING!! It always is such a shock when they behave like this -- aren't they also fond of saying "We won, shut up and get over it already??" This commie needs to be voted out. The so called Fairnesss Doctrine is anything but. That's a direct assault on the First Amendment. But the left doesn't really support any of our Rights anyhow. They only want to control and reduce choice. Keep up the great work here and don't stop fighting for our rights.

Woody said...

Liberty, they're also fond of saying that they're "pro-choice". Isn't it funny how the irony seems to ooze from their pores?

They want choice until people choose to disagree with them.

They scream about a woman's right to choose when it comes to abortion, because it's her body, but want to tell Americans what they can eat.

Thanks for following and also for joining in the battle for America!