Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Serenade From The Rotund Maid

I'm not sure whatever happened to decisive action on matters of great import, but this is one instance in which I am grateful for a process that allows for the temporary victory of the irresolute. As a body, our Congress has proven as such, even as the combatants have not.

To be certain, that is not as true of Democrats as of Republicans who - despite having earned well the ire of their own constituency over the past few years - have fought the good fight, as one, in this battle of the health care revolution. Democrats, on the other hand, have exposed themselves as the invertebrates most people have known them to be, albeit to little fanfare thanks to a media all too eager to see them succeed.

As a result, too many citizens have been lulled into believing that Democrats were on the right path with ObamaCare, despite the chicanery employed to get it passed and the candor by which such subterfuge was waged. While that last may seem contradictory, I remind the reader of the concept of hiding in plain sight.

Congressional Democrats, known for a low pain threshold, were understandably queasy about the Slaughter Solution. They did not want to be tied to a procedural rule that was never intended to be used in an instance of this magnitude. They were more willing to squeal at the mere grabbing of their arms by the "leadership" long before the act of twisting was even contemplated.

But now, as we near the final capitulation of Congressional members with alleged principles, and as the House of Representatives moves to pass the Health Care Bill, Republicans have already mounted a counter in the Senate to fight this travesty, and they claim to have the backing of the Senate Parliamentarian.

Tonight, Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Judd Gregg had this to say:

“Immediately after receiving the final reconciliation bill language, Senate Republican staff was ready and willing to meet with Senate Democratic staff and the Senate Parliamentarian to discuss the fact that the House reconciliation bill may be brought down by the 310(g) point of order in the Senate. Senate Democrats are mysteriously unavailable until after the House votes on the health care bill tonight. The Senate Democrats appear to be pushing off this meeting so that House Democrats will remain in the dark about what is likely to happen to the reconciliation bill on which many have staked their careers in Congress. House Democrats should be alarmed by this latest development, since the survival of the reconciliation bill is clearly at risk in the Senate.”
Considering the political jeopardy Republicans place themselves in, especially when the media will most assuredly attempt to portray them as uncaring bastards, this stand is somewhat remarkable. Is it possible that the Republicans have merely felt the winds of rage from the Tea Parties blowing on their raised, wet fingers?

That is also a distinct possibility, but I for one am comfortable at the moment to accept an obsequious representation in light of the majority of which it is borne. This is an historic time. The stakes of this legislation are enormous, and the mark it makes on our nation cannot be ignored nor taken lightly.

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