Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Battle For America

History is strewn with the truths of those who were once considered heretics. Glenn Beck may not be Galileo, but the agenda he has been painting lately regarding the "progressive" takeover of America is chilling nonetheless, and the reactions of his intended targets have been predictable, to say the least.

Children in my day learned much more at the knees of our grandfathers than today's kids learn in government schools, which have switched gears toward more accelerated goals of alleged achievement at the expense of a more devoted bequeathing of actual history. Numbers - based on a government criteria - have become the desired end-game in what today passes for education. Sadly, the kids have really learned nothing more than how to satisfy the whims of their "masters" in order to advance to the next level, also set by the government.

Once set upon this path, which in actuality is nothing more than a maze with the human equivalent of a block of cheese at the end, students are conditioned to the ways of the teachers, never encouraged to reason but rather, to accept and recite the version of truth laid out for them. This then becomes a false reality to them which they in turn bestow upon their own children. This forges a path devoid of any form of resistance for future generations of students, who willingly - and unwittingly - accept as truth whatever is fed to them by the particular institution they attend.

The incredulous question, "What the hell are they teaching these kids?" has been asked by countless parents over the last few decades, and while some have marched to their children's' schools to demand answers, most have simply shrugged in resignation to the trends of the nation. And the few who have demanded valid explanations have been castigated as antiquated or, worse, relics who refuse to move beyond racist ways.

Yes, racist. It always comes down to that tried and true line of attack, which sends most people quietly to their rooms, unable to comprehend the charge, but somehow feeling that it may have merit. Usually, the ultimate response is to simply remain quiet and avoid further scrutiny.

That is, until the Tea Party Movement began to take shape. Comprised of people from all races and ideological aspects, the Tea Party is the culmination of the vast majority of average people who have become fed up with being pushed around and intimidated, both by extreme left and right wings.

Beck has been pushing the notion of Communists versus Nazis, and the idea does have merit. The left (Communists) insist that government should rule supreme and "help the downtrodden", spreading the property of ordinary citizens who labored for their fruits to those who have not, but whom the government deems "needy". The right (Nazis) espouse the elimination of unproductive citizens.

Then there are the People, the people of the Tea Party, who believe that government should stick to what it was originally intended for, at least in America, and decist from all other endeavors "on the people's behalf". The people I have met from Tea Parties don't care about the color of one's skin. They do, however, take an acute accounting of one's character. That concept has a certain ring to it, doesn't it?

And has anyone noticed the glaring irony in the lefts philosophy that the labors of the industrious are fair game for the sloth of the rest? Further, is it not ironic that the most repressive regimes on the planet are named "the Peoples Republic" this or that? And that the engines of these despotic covenants more often than not are led by the "Labour Movement"?

It is small wonder that home schooling is on the rise. One can only hope that a new generation of Americans - about to achieve adulthood - will be armed with the true knowledge of historical events, and lacking in the indoctrination that so many of their peers have been victim to, for it may be the very salvation of our country that hangs in the balance.

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