Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here?

Considering the fact that America was founded largely by disgruntled Europeans disillusioned with the homeland, our current state of affairs is quite puzzling. That is until one remembers that those who are attempting to affect the radical changes to our very fabric today are not descended from Europe, but from nations who have long harbored envy for America.

These are people who capitalized on the grace of America, perhaps in lieu of more stringent immigration restrictions in places that may have been their first choices, such as most European countries. Nevertheless, they seem to have settled here for the purposes of expediency while actually endeavoring to create the environment here that excluded them initially.

Certainly it can be argued that those in charge - with the exception of our relatively new president - do indeed share the heritage of the majority of us. But the constituency to which they pander is comprised increasingly of more recent immigrants, and when combined with the new Chief Executive of America, who has his roots entrenched in Indonesia and Kenya, it becomes clear that a complete restructuring of our nation is under way. The ideals of our founders have fallen into the cross hairs of those who would completely remake our image.

What is most frustrating is the perfect storm of emotion that has been fostered and promoted by these proponents of radical change, for they have successfully propagandized our citizens - through the public school system - into a sense of guilt that would be the envy of any over-possessive mother. Our kids - who now approach adulthood - have been conditioned to believe that they owe a debt to everyone considered beneath their own social stature.

Worse yet is that they have been convinced that the only way to atone for their "sins" is to sacrifice all that they have ever possessed to the government for redistribution to the "needy". They have also been conditioned to accept notions that any rational person would reject, such as the foolhardy concept that in order to save our planet, people should immediately surrender more of their earnings, despite evidence that our climate change has been manipulated to facilitate such ideas.

The question then becomes; where do we go next? America was a big continent that was mostly vacant when we first arrived. We did well way back when, eliciting the emulation of places like France and the respect of our former oppressors in Britain. Now, however, most of the land masses of the planet are inhabited.

Where do we start over should it come to that?

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