Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The New Bombs Of The Revolution

Forty years ago, folks like William Ayers had visions of overthrowing the government of the United States through the use of nail-filled bombs and the mobilization of like-minded radicals. It wasn't until they learned the hard way that bringing a knife to a gunfight was an exercise in futility that they found a new route to traverse toward the destruction of the nation.

They did not come to this new way on their own - having been years before their own academic stature - but they succeeded in becoming noticed as useful tools by more seasoned enemies of the State. Beneficiaries of the vilification of Senator Joseph McCarthy - emancipated from the scrutiny of a wary people - suddenly became champions of "free speech", able to propagate the most nefarious of motives virtually unfettered. The time was right.

Saul Alinsky became required reading for radicals, as did the doctrine of Cloward and Piven. Just as sinister were the tunnels under the Gaza Strip, those who despised America's system of personal liberty and wealth burrowed into society and blended in as best they could. Then they set about the task at hand.

They learned much earlier than your garden variety Palestinian that fighting tanks with rocks is a losing proposition, so they began rotting the structure of America like termites in the foundation. They exploited the discontent of workers and fomented the resentment many harbored about their plight, working hard and barely getting by. They fanned the flames of envy and convinced ordinary employees that they were being used.

This soon transcended into the realm of education, and the seed began to sprout. Not only were the workers on board, but they included the teachers who would now shape future generations from the sanctity of the classroom. Legions of fellow "warriors" could now be cultivated, nurtured, and ultimately "sent to the front lines". Motivation works wonders, and activism keeps the focus keen.

While the multitudes of normal, America-loving people kept their noses to the grindstone, toiling day after day to make a life for their families, they were nearly oblivious to the signs all around them that something just wasn't right. They angrily questioned their childrens' homework assignments, effectively venting their frustrations on the kids and eventually letting it go with an aggravated wave when the bewildered child couldn't explain why they were being taught the things they were. That was perhaps our greatest failure.

It allowed for the brainwashing to continue with little challenge, and it alienated the generations, a perfect equation for the architects of ruination.

Many of my generation navigated this gauntlet unscathed, thanks largely to parents who remained grounded in solid convictions they were unashamed to bestow on us, but not nearly enough of us to stave off the onslaught that has culminated in what we see today. Despite being several years my junior, the president must fall into my generation, but it is clear from his own words that he never received the same inheritance that I was fortunate enough to have bestowed upon me.

While he is wealthier by far, his is a poorer life, for it is tainted by a hatred I could never fathom and tragically devoid of a typical family life. And while I have never been one to excuse abherrent behavior because of upbringing, I do believe that Barack Hussein Obama was selected by an element that saw in him the perfect palette on which to complete its ultimate masterpiece; the final defeat of America. The tunnel was nearing completion.

I cannot claim to know how these associates of his may have seen in him the makings of a president, but I believe that he invited the solicitation of this element and demonstrated the unique marketability early on that they sought. I cannot accept that it was all simply providence that placed him here and placed him now. There are too many switches in his troubled past that had to be thrown at just the right moment, lest the train be derailed.

His past is as clear as a Mississippi swamp, and the education this troubled orphan received remains a mystery. No one knows how it was all funded, or by whom, and his academic credentials remain unclear despite gushing claims by leftist pundits that his is a welcome and rare intellect in the Oval Office. There is one clear declaration to be made, however.

Barack Hussein Obama has just proved this past weekend that the termites have succeeded, albeit temporarily. The house is tilting on its foundation, but it can be corrected, or rebuilt, if necessary. Perhaps more importantly, however is that he has also proved that the new bombs of the revolution bear no resemblance to the William Ayers days, but are much more effective. A big one was dropped on the Capitol Building this weekend. The bright spot in all of this is that the Tea Parties are akin to the 9-11 first responders, the brave and compassionate souls that sprang into action to mitigate the carnage and save lives.

The enemy has revealed itself and the sentry has noticed.

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Edisto Joe said...

Very thought provoking and enjoyable post. My grandmother always said that you can tell much about a person by the company they keep. How true with Obama. Everything about the man, his friends, his cabinet, his appointments, policies and his presidency in general is about radical social change through redistribution of wealth. Those who did not see it before his election have seen it now and they have gotten a good look at to what means the man will employ to achieve his ends. Many of us saw this coming, to others it was a sobering sight but you're right that notice has been taken and it is my hope that the fight will grow stronger against the assult.

Woody said...

EJ, I have a young man working in the warehouse of my office. He's about 23 years old, and he's from the Dominican Republic, and in 2008 he had Obama pictures all over the place. When he heard my views, he complained that I was a racist. I didn't discuss politics with him after that.

Yesterday, he asked me about the Health Care bill, and I gave him my thoughts. I then expanded into the false notion that Conservatives are racists and the fact that Liberals keep minorities deliberately enslaved through their so-called "compassion". I was explicit.

To my shock, he stopped me today and said, "I was thinking about what you said, and you're right". I think he's starting to get it, and I wonder how many more like him there are.

I was encouraged. I think buyers' remorse is epidemic. I just hope it's not too late...