Monday, March 22, 2010

Remember In November!

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto.

I don’t feel like I’m in America anymore, either. I cannot believe this is happening here. Our democracy has been hijacked by those in Washington DC, that refuse to represent those that sent them there. They clearly have not heard the majority of Americans, democrats, republicans, and independents that wanted no part of a nationalized health care plan. In a civil manner, we tried our best to be heard across the nation, in our town halls and at our tea parties. They did not listen. They were too busy calling us domestic terrorists and mocking us. And, now they are dictating to us.

They used strong arm, back room tactics, and full blown lies to get this bill passed, and in doing so they have taken away much of our freedom, along with hurting our health care here in this country, rather than helping it. You do not have to believe me. Just read the bill for yourself. It cuts medical care to many. It puts limits on what can be done for you. They decide. They said it did not have health care rationing. It does. Read it.

How in the world they can justify charging hard working citizens here, to supply medical care to some 12 million illegals is beyond any kind of reason. They say this is a job creator? They couldn’t be more wrong.How many small businesses will this force to close? How many jobs across the nation will be lost? Millions! The biggest employer in the nation is your neighbor, the small business man, and he/she cannot afford this kind of burden. You and I will not be able to afford not only the taxes that will rise, but the cost of goods that will be forced to go up, to keep the bigger businesses afloat, after what they will be charged for their employees, along with their own taxes. Earnings of those in the medical field will be controlled. Don’t think for a moment, that will stop with them. Do you want your earnings capped?

They tell you that you can keep your insurance. Just how long do you think your insurance company will be in business? Not long! You will be forced to be on the Government’s plan, like it or not, and they will have 17,000 new IRS agents assigned to audit & monitor us To make sure we are covered . You will be issued a national ID card, with a number. You have no choice, just as you will have no choice about your medical care. It will be reviewed, and they will determine your end. Read the bill!

This bill has very little to do with health care, and much to do with controlling our every move. I for one, will not give up my freedom so easily. I want it in tact, for my grandchildren to be ensured they grow up in a free land, not in under a dictatorship. I will help vote out everyone across this nation that voted for this Shameful bill, and I will be flying my American flag that I have always been so proud of, upside down, until We get our democracy back, and we the people once again control our freedom. Please do yourself a favor now, and read the bill. Then, make sure you vote in November.

We have a dirty house to clean!

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Edisto Joe said...

Clean house is the only cure for a disease such as this! It' not covered in the bill. The good news is that the cure won't cost you a thing, except maybe the gas to get to the polling booth. If you don't do that, things will only get more expensive for you and you won't have any "ruby slippers" to get you back home from OZ!

Woody said...

EJ, this was written by a friend of mine who occasionally guest blogs. She is a small business owner, and a patriot.

EJ, meet SleeplessByTheSea.

You're right, though. Nancy Pelosi promised to "drain the swamp". She sure did, but only the water. She left all of that smelly muck and algae festering at the bottom.

Now it's time for the People to scrape the crap out and refill it with fresh water.


Anonymous said...

One of Ghandi's "seven blunders of the world" is 'politics without principle' ... we've just seen the most blatant example with the passing of this so-called health care bill ...