Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Credit Where It's Due

Whoever wrote the Obama Oval Office address tonight deserves a lot of credit for a job well done. It was a moving speech that reflected the values of many Americans and one that offered heartfelt appreciation for our military members. As August ends and September begins, I sincerely hope that the person responsible finds gainful employment quickly in such a volatile economic climate, for I fear that as of this writing, moments after the speech delivered by Obama, that person has already been unceremoniously sacked.

The president himself deserves a modicum of credit for reading through the entire text nearly flawlessly and credibly, even seeming at times to embrace the message as he delivered it. But he did stumble a bit at the eighteen minute mark, a moment that may be cast as a human triumph over an emotional subject, but one I maintain was nothing more than a face-saving victory over his own gag reflex.

I will admit that, at times, I was distracted from the actual message by the stage lights reflecting off of the interior of the suicide doors hanging from the starboard side of the coconut of Barry's head, but I have long ago learned to push aside the glitter of trinkets in pursuit of knowledge. Still, every time he tilted his head in that inimitable way he has whenever he refers to himself...

He credited the surge for this day, which must have hurt like hell and may be attributed to the near-catastrophic gastric explosion that was narrowly averted near the end of the address. I still believe that it may also be attributed to the newest addition to the ranks of the unemployed; the poor speech writer.

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Edisto Joe said...

I will give Obama credit for keeping the speech fairly generic and placing focus on the troops and families. Though he had to be chomping at the bit to say more, I believe many in the Democratic Party reminded him and his advisers that mid-terms are fast approaching.

jo said...

Really interesting article, thanks!"