Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Suggested Anthem of the Tea Party

Sure, we'd all love the Star Spangled Banner, but that just seems to infuriate the Left, so why not use an old Hollywood movie score. Besides being a great song, it seems more than fitting for the times in which we find ourselves, particularly the verses. The chorus isn't too bad, either.

Theres a hungry road I can only hopes
Gonna eat me up inside.
Theres a drifting spirit coming clean
In the eye of a lifelong fire.
Tell monday Ill be around next week;
Im running ahead of my days.
In the shotgun chance that scattered us,
Ive seen the error of my ways.
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh.

Well weve wrapped ourselves in golden crowns
Like sun gods spitting rain.
Found a way home written on this map
Like red dye in my veins.
In the hardest times that come around,
The fear of losing grows.
Ive lost and seen the world shut down;
Its a darkness no one knows.
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh.

Forgive the grammatical errors, the lyrics were copied and pasted, and I thought it appropriate that, if we were to use the Hollywood crowd's tactics against them, it would be best to let them stand. Still, it's a great song.

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