Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Sand Dune Tsunami: An American Story

Most of us are familiar with the phenomenon of the tsunami and its devastating effects, so there is no reason to delve into the particulars of them. But try to imagine the impossibility of the dunes on the shore rising up in similar fashion to counter - and ultimately repel - the tidal wave. It's happening right now, albeit analogously, but happening nonetheless. Let's examine just how.

The tide of Liberalism has spent the past several decades gently and patiently lapping at the shoreline of reason in America, slowly eroding the values of our youth and creating sandbars a few dozen feet from the water's edge by which to generate more powerful waves. While this littoral drift has been occurring undetected, the sea of Liberalism has gobbled greedily at it, yet advancing at a nearly imperceptible pace.

As the sandbar grew through maturity, it begot more sand, making the waves' assault more powerful with time. Eventually the waves grew so furious that they began pounding the beach with a ferocity that threatened to engulf the land. Then the land rose up.


Yes, this may sound like the ravings of a man awakened from a weird dream, still clutching the false memories of fitful slumber, but stay with me on this. 

Almost all of us here in America are either immigrants, or descendants of immigrants. On that point, there is no dispute. But at some point, the people who came to America ceased doing so for the purpose of actually becoming Americans. This is a curious development, since one can only assume the reason to come here would be to escape an undesirable existence for a chosen one. Yet, there was a threshold where the new arrivals came, settled, and immediately set about the task of attempting to recreate the conditions they recently fled. 

Wealthy Liberals take pride in using their fame and fortune to denigrate the nation that allowed for both, claiming that the system that made them is a terrible one. People who successfully gain entry here - often at great personal risk - quickly learn to complain of alleged unfair treatment, demanding better, while they felt no compunction to change their places of origin. Why, for example, don't the multitudes of illegal aliens coming here from Mexico stay home and demand of current President Filipe Calderon that he improve their lives? Simple answer; they are afraid. 

This week, Sean Hannity had David Horowitz and Jehan S. Harney on as guests to debate the Ground Zero Mosque being considered for construction near where the September 11, 2001 attacks took down the Twin Towers. Hannity grilled Harney about conditions in Saudi Arabia, where Christians are forbidden from stepping foot within Mecca, and no churches exist. Harney countered - dismissively- that Saudi Arabia has the right to run their country as they saw fit, but that America is "our" country, and we shouldn't be exclusive. It was a very interesting exchange. 

Since the driving force behind the project 600 feet from Ground Zero, Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf, has expressed a desire to advance Shar'ia Law here in America, the same question must be asked: Why come here only to recreate the prohibitive and exclusionary atmosphere of places like Saudi Arabia? In spite of Harney's rejection of the argument, it remains valid. Either come here to worship as you see fit while obeying our laws, or stay home and fight for your rights there. 

This all goes straight to the heart of the Liberal - or Progressive, or subversive, or whatever label one may prefer - agenda of wiping out the garden that our Founders had planted. The reef was finally built and the Liberals released their tsunami in the form of Barack Hussein Obama and the 111th session of Congress. In the the first year, their waves swept over the land, wiping out everything in their path. Then the Tea Party happened in the form of a solid wall of Earth. 

No one ever expected to see a resistance on this level. It was assumed by the Liberals that the placid shore was just that; harmless and ripe for conquest. No one ever foresaw the dunes rising in opposition. But they did. They rose so quickly that even their supposed allies - the Republicans -  are alarmed. I suspect that the Republicans will recover much more quickly, while the Democrats are flailing like a dolphin caught in a tuna net. 

Here is a great video, the by-product of the "Tea Party Movie". Please watch it and let me know if you got goosebumps, too. 

Final thought: Just as water will always try to encroach on land by seeking rivulets wherever possible, the Liberals seek to undermine the Tea Party through deception, claiming that the movement is racist, bigoted, or against the advancement of America. With the right trajectory, the Tea Party can demonstrate and prove that progress can be achieved while remaining anchored to principles.

We can succeed without sacrificing virtue.

God Bless America.

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Willi said...

Very Nice.

Kelly said...

Absolutely fantastic beginning. I love the comparison to the huge increase in liberals in recent years to the tidal waves. I also agree about how this increase has changed youths views of liberal and conservative. I just can't get over this almost surreal sounding and beautiful description of the influence of political views.

Woody said...

Thank you both. I only hope that the current waters recede in November.