Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For Anyone Who Remembers America

As a general rule, this is aimed at the reader who has chronologically passed the half-century mark, but is also for the offspring of the target audience whom were raised properly, as Americans. Certainly the erosion of national pride has affected even the youth who were fed it, as my kids were, but they still get it even while not clinging as fiercely as we have.

There was a time when we were taught the magnificence of our nation, and when we were grateful for having been born here. It wasn't a hard lesson to learn, and was not drummed into our heads. Back then we were observant enough to hear the words, peruse our surroundings, and come to the conclusions at which we ultimately arrived. We were damned lucky and loved our country for what it represented, not because we were afraid of those we elected. Essentially, it was true love and not duty.

People my age - and of my political persuasion - traversed the sixties much as a fictional space pilot would avoid an alien asteroid belt in the television shows and subsequent movies we enjoyed, or as they would speed away from the shock wave of some super nova. We made it through danger in the nick of time and with seemingly inconceivable fortune, and we have huddled ever since, teaching our children the ways of our forebears.

For decades it seemed easy, with no real pressure from the opposition. Ours was still the dominant doctrine, though the subversives gained steam, and we never envisioned that our roles would ever reverse. We were vigilant and observant, but never actually worried that we'd be fighting for our lives while looking up at the enemy.

They relied on violence to achieve their goals and subterfuge for their prominence and we assumed they would be rejected by our peers for their tactics. We were mistaken. Now, as we try to fight our way back, I fear that we may suffer heavy casualties, as ours is the way of Gandhi; peaceful protest. While many on our side possess the skills and the willingness to respond in kind, the opposition has succeeded in painting us into a corner. Physically, we could crush them, but we dare not for fear of appearances.

(In case the irony is lost on the reader, the very same tactic has effectively neutered our superior military prowess world wide. Coincidence?)

When the Boy Scouts can be seriously vilified in the press, America has a problem. When American kids in an American school can be suspended for wearing the American flag on their clothing, America has a problem. When school kids singing our National Anthem can be silenced by police at the Lincoln Memorial, America has a problem. (Yes, I am aware of the codes for the American flag being used on clothing and merchandise, but let's look at the context.)

What have we done, people? We have left the front door wide open and have welcomed the home invasion cretins to help themselves to our property. Far worse, we have allowed our patriotism to become criminal or, at the least, offensive in our own home. We have encouraged bad behavior to the point that it has become the norm, and decent people immoral.

Perhaps our worst sin has been to allow the enemies of America to infiltrate our politics and ultimately seize control of this great land. We have become serfs to the Lords we escaped centuries ago, meekly succumbing to the whims of the people who we allegedly hired to "represent" us. The hired hands now run the farm.

The opportunity to restore our freedom is a small porthole that is rapidly closing, and November is the vehicle we must drive through it in order prevent our complete subjugation. Thus far, our Founders' vision is solvent, but not if we passively allow it to expire, along with American liberty.

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