Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unintended Transparency and the Toxic Champion

Incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi promised to "drain the swamp" in 2006. President-elect Barack Hussein Obama promised ultimate transparency, promised to utilize modern technology to make the common people keenly aware of what his administration and Congress were doing, and promised to move slowly enough to post proposed legislation on the Internet for five days so we could all learn what was planned. None of that happened - none of it.

Quite the opposite. Pelosi and Reid had a head start on Obama, two years of putting the final nail in the coffin of George W. Bush's legacy. After gaining back control of Congress, the new
Speaker and the new Majority Leader not only failed to drain the swamp, they restocked it. The coercion and bribery became rampant, and only became worse once Obama was sworn in as President.

Congress brought out the hatchets and began frantically dismantling the economy of the Bush years, setting the plate for Obama to ride in and pretend to be the savior. Claiming the utmost urgency in fixing "what Bush had wrought", careful planning and openness became casualties of reckless velocity and sleight of hand maneuvering. Assuming that the people would recognize the necessity of broken promises on the most base level, the destruction we have witnessed since thus proceeded at dizzying speed.

Then something amazing happened; people began to awaken. They began to observe. They began to learn. Ultimately, they became very angry.

Perhaps elected politicians took for granted that the vast majority of the American people have for decades been preoccupied by managing their personal lives and have not been acutely engaged in politics or politicians. That complacency most likely lulled the politicians into a sense of omnipotence, and they believed that it was finally time to pull the trigger and fundamentally alter the composition of America. They quickly discovered that they were dead wrong.

The unintended consequence of their collective hubris became the eventual fruition of their empty promises. While they assumed we'd accept wax paper over the windows because you can almost see through it, we ripped it down and walked inside. To their horror, we were no longer in the role of casual observer; we were demanding answers.

The rash of You Tube recordings of town hall meetings - and the subsequent reactions of the members of Congress on the receiving end of America's ire - were a tease, starter fuel in the coming barbecue. The Internet - still a free-speech venue as of this writing - has been instrumental in this collective epiphany, so it is small wonder that the perpetrators have begun to plant the seeds of doubt in the minds of the gullible that nothing on the web is true. We're told that only the state-run media can be trusted.

The state-run media has sold its soul and surrendered all claims to credibility. More and more people every day are abandoning that sinking ship out of a realization that those outlets are merely perpetuating the lie. The incumbents, despite all of their false bravado, know that their days are numbered. There is nothing that can save them at this stage beyond a successful marketing of more lies, a prospect that seems dismal, at best.

The president is toxic, and they all know it. He may travel to quietly raise donations for them, but none wishes to be associated with him, and he is powerless to go out and actively stump for them. How ironic that after such a short time in paradise, the hope is gone. The change is coming, though. Coming fast. Somehow, however, I doubt this will be what the Democrats had in mind.

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