Monday, August 9, 2010

I Think Newt Will Run

For years Sean Hannity has been pestering Newt Gingrich about a possible run for the presidency, and for years Newt has been coy about his answers, while not actually running. I believe that Gingrich played it smart by waiting, opting to let the left take another shot at it, counting on the disaster that is now happening before our eyes.

Now, it sounds like he's ready to make his move. If that is the case, be prepared for the left to bring on the heavy artillery, along with every negative ad ever run about Gingrich being resurrected.

To my fellow bloggers, keep this piece in mind: Withering on the Vine. It may come in handy during the 2012 election season.

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Edisto Joe said...

A beautiful speech, very thought provoking. Newt has a way of understanding what it takes to reach all Americans. The way he writes , the way he speaks, it is straight forward, consise and clear. Being a historian also allows him to back up his words with the knowledge and facts of America, its past and what it will take to continue the ways of the Founding Fathers for future generations. I do think he is electable and should throw his hat in the ring.

Woody said...

Wasn't that just awesome, EJ? Newt was once two heartbeats from the Oval Office, and he is nothing if not politically savvy. I still maintain that he knew what he was doing by steering clear of the 2008 Election.

The time is right, he is needed, and I think he will answer the call. It may prove to be the most brutal campaign season in history, but I sincerely believe that the electorate is ready for it, with or without Newt.

Let's roll...