Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An Agenda Delayed

After basically telling the American people that they wanted to punch us in the face, Democrat House Reps. have decided that the subtle approach may be more successful and less dangerous in achieving their ultimate goals, after all. Make no mistake; they still intend to punch us in the face, but they've opted for a more patient and circuitous route to that end, one that will deliver the twisted satisfaction they crave while avoiding the pitfalls and perils they unfortunately saw before they leaped.

Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) , The House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman, and Ed Markey (D-Mass.) had teamed up on a bill designed to make drastic cuts in CO2 emissions that would have crippled our already staggering economy. They are the pilots of the ship making headway toward the deadly "cap and trade" scheme that harbors in the port of Copenhagen. (Many who have not kept up on this subject, due to understandable distractions, probably are unaware that Copenhagen is the new Kyoto.)

Understanding the problems they may face in their quest - such as opposition from the fools they serve, as well as more vociferous objections from those they do not serve - Waxman and Markey realized that to get their mission accomplished, they must follow the liberal playbook to the letter, being certain not to alarm the masses. Baby steps are back in vogue in this volatile economic climate, and these two are nothing if not masters of deception.

As My Way News is reporting, the strategy now is to scale back overly ambitious guidelines in the hope of feeding the masses slowly, hoping that small portions will offer up little flavor and smaller clues as to the bitter taste of the result that must surely follow, albeit it in the form of a pre-antacid belch. In the hopes of getting a foot in the door this year (everything suddenly seems so urgent with the democrats), Waxman and Markey agreed to scale back the draconian requirements they originally sought, and which were endorsed by the president.

Fully realizing that an inch eventually yields a mile in the realm of federal government, compromises like this offer little angst for advocates such as Waxman and Markey other than the irritating frustration of not being instantly gratified. However, since many of their ilk are nearly guaranteed lifetime tenure, time is a luxury, and plans are better laid without a ticking clock. They can wait and still eat well.

Rest assured, however; one day, they definitely will deliver that punch in the face.

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