Monday, May 18, 2009

Slowly The Wheel Turns

I know I run the risk of slipping off the edge into complete paranoia, at least in the minds of those who wish both me to believe that and to convince others that I am. But I have been writing for a few years now about the methods being employed by those who would ultimately transform America into that which it was never intended to be. While I do believe that many people involved in the intended demise of this great nation are participants innocent of malice, truly thinking that they are engaged in a noble endeavor, I also see signs all around me that they are being unknowingly manipulated by more powerful people with earnestly nefarious designs.

Watch this video, paying particular attention to the logo of the group, City Year.

The title of the video - Obama's Militaristic Youth Corp - may be a stretch of the imagination. Then again, it might not be. The photo below was snapped by an AP photographer last summer during Obama's Hawaiian vacation. The logo on his hat; City Youth.Just what is City Youth, anyway? According to their own website:

City Year was founded on the belief that young people can change the world. City Year’s vision is that one day a year of service will become an opportunity for and common expectation of every young person.

City Year’s signature program, the City Year youth service corps, unites 1,500 young people age 17-24 for a year of full-time community service, leadership development, and civic engagement. These young leaders come from diverse backgrounds and put their idealism to work by tutoring and mentoring school children, reclaiming public spaces, and organizing after-school programs, school vacation camps, and the Starfish Corps, Young Heroes, and City Heroes programs.

Four years (Obama's term) is a long time in which to indoctrinate the minds of 17-24 year-olds, and considering the president's own campaign rhetoric regarding a "civilian security force", combined with the zeal exhibited by those kids in the video, there is chilling evidence that something foul may be afoot. On the outside chance that Obama wins an additional four years, the odds against the America I grew up with surviving become a bookies dream.

Special hat tip to The ConservativeXpress

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